Hunter 202ilvl 10/10N - 4/10H LFG


Search Gragoa in wow logs to see how I perform

Looking for a new raiding guild. Send me a tell

Also update: 209 ilvl 10/10 normal and 8/10 heroic now. Will be 10/10 H this week as well as 1/10 mythic.

Hello Friend,

We’re looking for a good hunter to pump with us :slight_smile:

Gragoa, I’m raid lead for Old Wolves and we’re currently 3/10H looking for MM for our Mythic Comp. Our raid times are 10-1am Sun, 9-12 Mon EST. Our goal is to get AoTC this tier and go as far into mythic as we can.

We pride ourselves on being progress minded with a good atmosphere. We want to get people involved as soon as we can to build strong teamwork and cohesion in the guild so if you’re interested please PM Shananigins #1986 or Scythin#2909

Im not marksman.

I parse better as BM

Thanks though

Didn’t notice that haha. We’re cool with BM too just most people Marks these days