Hunt: Shadehounds

I see several bug reports for this event, but no known solutions or workarounds.

I am appreciative with Ve’nari, and have completed all of her storylines. I’m fully caught up, and I have completed this event twice previously. I am also on the character that meets the prerequisites to do this event.

I get to the Beastwarrens, and the event pops up on my screen, but it’s at the final stage, to kill the Gorged Shadehound. It’s nowhere to be found. Yes, I’m looking in the correct cave, there’s only one there that it spawns in. Target macros return nothing. And since it’s on the final stage, there are no Mawsworn Soulfeeders to kill. It just hangs at the final stage until this event cycles out. I haven’t been able to complete this event in ages, every time I come out here it’s just… stuck.

There’s no groups in the group finder for this quest, and I can’t create my own group, since there’s no mob here for people to kill.

Any suggestions?

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I experienced this too Weiland. I would periodically go the Beastwarrens and the mobs at times wouldn’t spawn. I even tried warmode and nothing. I don’t really have any suggestions on this sadly. I did complete it once:/. I just wanted to share you aren’t alone in having phase issues with the Shadehound event.

bumping this, fix your bug Blizzard! been too long