Huh. Maybe They Are In Fact, Listening

Good. Next thing they need to do is to end mailing loot back to people who won’t pick it up (in M+ and raids). If they don’t pick it up then they don’t get it.

I dont think I have heard anyone ever mention that as a problem…well, before your post of course

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There’s a first time for everything.

It was a common strategy to avoid being pestered for their loot while in the instance.

Though with no more personal loot I believe that no longer works.

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Lmfao of all the things to take issue with

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Nah, I’m leaving it in the box and hearthing so I don’t get harassed by somebody who feels entitled to it.

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No? They’re removing it on the 14th because at that point you would have accumulated a full conquest set just by hitting the caps while people who were going to hard-grind low keys for valor have moved onto higher keys.

The caps worked as intended. They even said they were removing them because of reasoning they had at the very start of the expansion with regard to discouraging poop socking content.


I think some of the loot beggers have it macro’d. I get a request even before I’ve had a chance to read the description. I just made up my mind that those people never get anything from me.

How in the world does this affect you ?

The biggest issue for you at the moment is people not collecting their loot ??

I think its great because so often people are zerging leaving no time to loot. And there is rarely time to skin.

Right after you ask for the other drop no doubt.

I’m fine with them not listening if we got anymore like this mage here.

This thread is a mess.



If Devs listened to the hunters on this forum their whole spellbook would be nothing but double tap.

Although there definitely are some Ws here and there, I generally hope Blizzard does not listen to its community.

Why are you surprised that this happened? Every half time between main patches since Shadowlands season 1 has uncapped valor