Huge chunk of Kirtonos Banned for 50 years

Entire raid groups in my guild and others have been banned for 50 years. Reason given was item/gold exploitation. No one knows whats going on or why anyone was banned since no one has done anything different. Please comment that supports your looking into this. Thank you.

The display for the length of the account action is a bug. As for Blizz looking into any account actions, those who received a suspension or ban need to file an appeal. Those are not done via the forums, only by ticket.

If they need help finding the option, they can find it here:


Thousands of appeals incoming! This all seemed to happen at the same time, and it seems quite odd that so many legit players were banned. Entire raid groups being banned is unheard of, especially when its multiple guilds and multiple groups. I feel as though this was a massive error.

While I am not able to provide much in the way of details when large groups of guild members are all penalized around the same time it is because they have been found to have exploited the game terrain, such as going through walls, going underground, or otherwise circumventing the normal mechanics of the game.

The email should have provided the penalty duration, the display in the client is very much off, which our teams are aware of.

If you believe the action is in error, please be sure to submit an appeal.


so whos the guy who get’s to read 50,000+ appeals?


I know this will come as a surprise, but they have a whole team :wink:

Also, since you have no access to the number of people who were suspended, any number you come up with is simply made up.

This isn’t Blizzard’s first ban-wave.


Is getting summoned up top of the gates of AQ a bannable offense to avoid being purged?


But its not made up, we havve 100’s of people on Server discords complaining about the same thing. Looks like near 1000 or more on just my server.

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I used to feel bad for people that claimed they were innocently banned but after seeing how things usually shake up I’d give the benefit of the doubt to Blizzard


So not 50k+ like the other person posted?

There’s literally no point in trying to make up numbers anyway. If someone feels that they were inappropriately actioned, then they need to put in an appeal.


Thank you for the professional response. We all appreciate that.

I believe Perl was replying to Kerpz. While I cannot provide details, I can say with certainty that it was no where near 50,000+.

Good luck to you and yours, Zeddicuss. I do hope we are able to verify an error.

As I really can’t provide answers here, I’m going to lock this one up.