🌮 Hubris [H] Semi Casual Mythic EST&PST Teams

Hubris of Malorne [H] is looking for members to join our community! We are all adults with careers, some with families. Many of us have grown up with WoW in our lives, and as we have grown older we have made it our escape from adulting.

Hubris formed towards the end of NH, and have achieved AOTC every tier since. Current tier we are 9/9H , 2/2H , 3/9M . Our goal every tier is to quickly get AOTC and then do casual mythic progression. Aside from raiding, we are just trying to maintain a great and fun core group.

Guild Philosophy : Create a fun & semi-casual but skilled raiding, in which criticisms are constructive and non-negative. Do not advocate nepotism and create a clean, fair, and drama free space.

Teams & Needs
:bomb: LoB - Tuesday/Wednesday 730-1030PST
Healer : No needs currently
Melee : No needs currently
RDPS : Lock, hunter
Tank : No needs currently

:taco: Taco Island - Monday/Tuesday 7-1030EST
Healer : mw, Disc priest
Melee : ww, rogue, war
RDPS : Lock, boomkin, ele, hunter
Tank : No needs currently

:facepunch: Friday Night Fights - Friday 830-1130PST
Healer : Open
Melee : Open
RDPS : Open
Tank : Open

Exceptional candidates always considered.
Raid Req: Min 80% attendance & mechanics savvy

Keystones : all raiders are highly encouraged to complete a 10 key every week to stay competitive in the gearing process. That said we have a bustling key community with runs happening all the time! If you are new to mythic key runs, do not worry - we have several players that run nightly and frequently set aside 10-keys to ensure everyone in guild gets a completion. We also have several players that enjoy pushing IO :slight_smile:
Currently have over 25 players with 1k+ IO!!

Contact : If you are interested add and message -
Abscynth#11903 bnet
Abscynth#5749 discord

Hello! @ Omegá I recently faction changed from Alliance to Horde on Drak’Tharon. I have a shadow priest sitting at around item level 370ish. Would be willing to heal if you sweet talk me. Just looking for a good home with plenty of community and raiding. I added you on Discord.

Oh, I’ll sweet talk you <3

It probably won’t take much to get me to play disc. However, if you want me to play holy it will take some real persuasion. :wink:

Good morning forums :slight_smile:

hey there, I am interested in your guild. my Bnet is Yaz#11635

warcraftlogs. com/character/us/stormrage/h%c3%b8tgarbage#difficulty=3

Came back to the game after a long break, still new’ish to hunter and dps in general. but i am making improvements :slight_smile: feel free to message me in game or on discord.

Discord: Yaz#5478

:taco: Taco Island - Monday/Tuesday 7-1030EST
Melee : Exceptional Players
RDPS : MAGE, Boomkin, Hunter, Exceptional Players
Tank : Exceptional Players