[H]<Trash Pandas> New Casual Guild Open to All!

We serve His Holy Magnificence, Filthmaster Flex. Non-believers may know him only as ‘Trashy, that raccoon sold by Margoss in Dalaran’.

We will provide you with guild perks, including unlimited access to two bank tabs for whatever nefarious activities you may be involved in, & will expect nothing in return. No requirements, no expectations.

I, the GM & HBIC, am an experienced player (M+, Mythic raiding & raid leading, terrible at PvP but I still do it anyway, much to my team’s dismay, etc.) & have been playing heavily since Wrath.

I have recently transferred from Thrall after some intense playtime during BfA & am looking forward to a more casual approach to the game, which will be reflected in this guild; however, that does not mean we can’t go balls to the wall when Shadowlands comes out if Filthmaster wills it. Dungeons, raiding, it’s all on the table.

I especially invite new players who are hesitant to join large guilds, but are looking for a place to chill while they navigate Azeroth. I am more than willing to assist all with achieves, dungeons, raids, mounts, general game info, etc.

You can find us through Guild Finder, PST me on Uoylliki - Earthen Ring, or add my Battle Tag Electrila#1912 for info or an invite. I am usually active all day, every day, especially at night.

Join us. We await.

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