[H]Tichondrius-US <Narnians Gone Wild> 6/10H Tues/Thurs 6-9pm Server

A new guild looking to recruit active players for Shadowlands. 10/10N 6/10H We plan on clearing raids, running M+, and doing PVP. 18+ community! Relaxed environment. Now Recruiting spots for core team. 6-9pm tues/thurs

Need DPS/Healers please message me in game or reply to this post! Thanks.


It’s been a really good group of guys and gals who love to play the game and also kick it with outside of the game. Nothing but positive vibes and good laughs (a-lot of laughs haha)… Even on our off time when we want to take a break and do something else. We normally do it as a guild and really bond. Raiding with these guys and a bunch of the newer guys have been nothing but responsive and quick to learn when it comes to mechanics, learning your class (bonus when someone knows a trick or two you never knew). That’s just my 2 cents on this guild so far, and my enjoyment I’ve had when it comes to these guys.

Slick#1714 or Discord is MrTumness#2038 add me for any quesitons, I can also show you our logs.

OMG I have Hurd really good things about this guild. Would y’all be open to having me join early and working my way up. I would love to be apart of this guild. I know you are all looking for raiders but I was hoping to take this opportunity to get in while there are openings. You guys are awesome, sending good vibes.


Always open to new recruits :slight_smile: Let us know how we can help.

Great guild, helped me progress from not Raiding to Raiding Heroic weekly same with Mythic +. Even helped me get my first arena W! - the Squanch

Awesome, glad we were able to help.

This is a fantastic guild, They have been open to helping gear new players for Castle Nathria. Great discord community. Plenty of players looking at pushing M+ keys and arena ratings.