[H][Tichondrius] Midnight Club - 7/11H Late Night PST Guild LF Tank/Healer/DPS

Hello everyone!

Midnight Club is a late-night PST guild on Tichondrius looking to build a solid AOTC+ team with aspirations of going into semi-core mythic progression.

Including myself, we have several former CE players looking to enjoy the content at a fun pace with great people. If you want to see our raid atmostphere, check out our raids on Twitch (Marcushavoc).

My goal isn’t to BS people. This will take time. I am looking for people in a similar situation that are looking to take their game to the next level. We are going to start slow by building a solid AOTC guild and begin slow Mythic progression. This is going to be a group that wants to learn together and build a Cutting Edge guild from scratch. If you’re looking for CE this tier, this is not the group for you. If you are looking to kill hard bosses in 2 pulls, this is not the guild for you.

I know this doesn’t sound great for most, we have found quite a few people looking to join a team, work together, and build themselves and the team up together. Hopefully if you are still reading this, you are too.

Raid/Play Times

Wed/Mon - 9:30 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST

Recruitment for Raiding

Tank - Non Warrior. Looking for a dedicated tank that can be here close to 100% of the time.
Ranged DPS/OS Healer, pref Pally/Shaman

This is no need to transfer servers atm, as we will likely begin Mythic progression when it becomes cross server.

Contact Information

Discord : Marcus#9458

BNet : Marcus#11985

Please see Twitch MarcusHavoc or Youtube MarcusHavoc for videos of our community!

Contact me soon!