[H][Tichondrius] <I'd Mana Tap That> Late Night guild LF RDPS

Id Mana Tap That is a semi-hardcore guild located on Tichondrius, consisting of a group of friends who have been playing together for years.

About Us:

Core members have known each other for over 10 years. Decided to come together and build a guild for us all, after many guilds fell apart. We started in SoD strong and have formed a great community. We have a great raid schedule that allows our members flexibility while still downing bosses.

Our goal is to achieve AOTC every raid tier and with a possibility of moving into mythic raiding.


Any Ranged DPS, preferably a Mage or Boomkin.

But all roles are encouraged to apply.


Friday - 8pm to 10pm PST (11pm to 1am EST)

Saturday - 8pm to 10pm PST (11pm to 1am EST)

This guild also has a strong M+ Community, several of our members push and obtain KSM every season.


Discord - communicating during raids, keys and being social.

Wanting to join or have questions?

Officer: BNet: TrippyTrolls#1386
Discord: Trippytrollz#5225
Officer: BNet:
Discord: Cope#8554
Officer: BNet:
Discord: Ironmonkey96#7798
Recruitment Assistant: BNet: Marcus#11985
Discord: Marcus#9458