[H][Tichondrius] 8/10 MCN, 8/10 HSOD - LF Resilient Raiders

Raiding Rainbow (no, not the Illidan guild, sorry guys) is looking for some resilient raiders to work with to push for CE this tier. Ever since last tier we have been struggling with the seemingly endless cycle of turnover that is typical of WoW raiding, especially so with the lack of content for so long. We had a great start to the tier, but unfortunately recent events related to Blizzard have caused some members to give up on WoW altogether, while others have decided to leave because content isn’t easy (who would have thought!).

We raid Tuesdays / Thursdays 6:30-9:30 PST with an optional raid on Sundays (same time) that we will sometimes attempt progression on, depending on who shows up.

We are currently recruiting all classes / rolls, except for warlock, resto shaman, and warrior (already run 2 of each). We are in particular need of priests and non-MW monks. Above all, we are looking for raiders who want progress and learn together, not raiders who are looking to join for easy farm content. We expect wipes, and when we wipe emotions sometimes get high - we do not tolerate abuse, but we want people who can understand when someone gets frustrated. We want people who will prepare in advance and read strategies. We want people who will use microphones on fights like FateScribe where communication is the only determination of success.

If this seems like it could be a good fit for you, please hit me up on Discord (Infin#1525) and we can make something happen!