[H][Thrall]<Nostalgic> Community guild, keys, Normal Raiding LFM | 8PM

[H][Thrall] Community guild, keys, Normal Raiding LFM | 8PM

Nostalgic is a community-focused guild, meaning that our primary enjoyment comes from building a community, making lasting friendships, and having a safe space where guild members are welcomed and valued.

Our guild activity is primarily in the evenings from 8-11pm server (US Eastern) with expanded times on the weekends. W e spend a lot of time running keys - currently our high key runs are +15 and moving up. We also run low level keys, normal dungeons, level alts (lots and lots of alts), chase achievements, and enjoy a casual raid night on Sundays.

Even though we are most active in keys, we dont call ourselves a “keys guild” as that implies we value people by their performance in keys. Instead we value our guild members as individuals and then run keys together. We promote a relaxed and positive environment and even though many of our players were fresh to keys this expansion, multiple guildies have achieved KSM.

Tues & Thurs - 8pm EST Keys - beginner, gearing, everyone welcome
Saturday - 8pm EST - Casual raiding night! everyone welcome.
Keys happening pretty much every night and on the weekends.

Other nights tend to fill in with more keys, torghast or achievement runs.

An active guild that logs on throughout the week.
Having enough players to consistently run the content we want to run while maintaining our small guild culture.
Not leaving anyone behind.
Applicants should be 21 years or older. (Most of us are 40+ and longtime WoW players.)
Treat everyone with respect. Harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will not be tolerated.
Avoid discussion of religion or politics. We log in to get away from that!
No drama. Be nice and help each other. Throw out ideas and jump in with your opinions. Gaming is for fun time with friends.
Anything posted in guild chat, or any of our channels on any platform should be safe for work.

Contact Us
You can put in a guild application using the in-game guild finder, or if you have further questions or would like to talk with someone about joining, please contact us via Discord or in game.

Note: Please don’t rely on the /who feature in-game, it doesnt show everyone that’s online.

We look forward to meeting you!

Discord Icecapade#1478
Btag Icecapadë#1102

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Come join us for low and mid keys!

Looking forward to another night of casual M+.

post deleted

Good folks, no toxic/elitist mentalities here. Something is being ran or done just about everyday. Come join the fun and let me heal you!

Bump for Weds night mythics, come run some keys!

Bump for good people and fun times with friends.

Running some keys right now :slight_smile:

Bump for new friends

Small, chill guild looking to be a little less small and the same amount of chill.

Come check us out and maybe run some chill M+ with us.

Hump Day Bump

Bump for new friends - all roles are welcome!

Looking for more, especially tanks, healers or dps. All classes are welcome, but we could really use warriors, hunters, mages, priests, warlocks, paladins, shamans, monks, demon hunters, or death knights.

Hey, I applied using the guild finder! Looks like a good place for me

Thanks for joining us Muttman!

Hans forgot to include druids, we’re also recruiting alllllll the druids! All druids and druid alts are an automatic +50dkp :grin:

More druids, really?

Monday night keys, starting now :smiley:

Hi! I applied using the guild finder! This looks and sounds like a fantastic guild! I do want to say I have a very strange work schedule so I will be very sporadic in logging in. Also my character name is Legrak.

just sent you an invite! :smiley: