[H][Thrall] <Vitae Rising> - AOTC guild LFM

VITAE RISING is a group of gamers in our middle age that still play, yes World of Warcraft. We have been playing/raiding/guild leading/officering together since 2004. Many of us have kids, families and of course full time jobs, but we have never forgotten that Dragons in digital fantasy worlds need to be killed, drop loot and we need to wipe a few times.

We cleared 8/8 Heroic in Vault and got KSM for those interested in 10.0. We are currently 9/9 Normal and 8/9 Heroic. We have achieved AOTC for every raid, but because of being real life adults now we do not raid Mythic difficulty. The guild is 18+ and for mature people only. If you are offended easily then this isn’t the guild for you. We are a small group that are looking to fill up more for raiding in 10.1.

We need a few select DPS and Heals. Main class needs are:

Heals: any kind (druid preferred). Those with solid offspec dps are wanted as well…
DPS: Any Druid DPS, Rogue, Arms Warrior, DH, Warlock. Exceptional dps of other class/specs will be considered.
Tanks: Full

Raid days/times are Tue/Thur at 10:00 PM server (eastern) to 1 AM Eastern. (6 hours a week) AOTC, PVP, M+ pushing are our goals. Cross faction guilding welcome. We are horde but have some Alliance as well. We aren’t a massive guild where everyone is a nameless number and want to keep it that way. Quality people please reach out!

Please post here or reach out to me or fenrir on Discord : Raziel#2843 / Fenrirulv#4433

Or Battle.net: Raziel#11313 / Rawrabear#1450 if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!

Bumping with 10 chars

Bumping with 10 chars

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Bumping. Still need some solid melee and especially ranged DPS!

Still need a few more DPS players with skill.

Up to the top. need more deeps

Just need one or two solid people. Hit us up!

Still need a good rogue, DH and Mage for our group!

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Still looking. Bumping the post.

Bump up. OG post updated.

Happy Holidays. Still looking!

Any interest in a enh shaman ? Willing to faction/server change for your raid times !

Really looking for Boomkin and ranged atm. The only Melee we are considering is Rogue.

STill LFM, hit us up.

Up we go. Still keeping an eye out.

I am interested. Long time raider, 32, and MM or BM hunter

Still recruiting stellar players