[H][Thrall] <Rigor> Fri-Sat Night Guild LF Tank, Healer, MDPS

About Ourselves:

We are a brand new guild on Thrall with the intent to tackle high-end PvE as well create a positive community for all its members. After several long years involved in competitive raiding guilds, a lot of the members that have founded Rigor wanted to create something more unique, humble and relaxed for its intended members. No matter the level of content desired by the member, Rigor wants all of its members to feel welcomed and involved. With that being said, we were founded with the intent to maintain a positive/constructive community, which no member would feel threatened or misguided by any of its members but will stress for the best during high keys and progression content.


  • We are focused on providing members a worthwhile experience with a strong stance against negativity within a guild/game environment.
  • We want all our members to feel like family and to never to feel left out, or discouraged based on their skill or experience, which is easily achieved through constant communication.
  • We are focused on Mythic quality end-game activity, comradeship and team play that is exclusive/inclusive to PvE and PvP.

What we are looking for:

a) Maturity: We desire mild-mannered individuals with the maturity that will be necessary to move forward in endgame content. Respect to each other is paramount and disrespect will not be tolerated. Any form of toxicity or disrespect is 100% instant removal from guild.

b) As we progress, we expect raiders to put in their best foot forward by all the methods of research for their class/spec and boss strategies. We will try not to leave a man behind, so if you are struggling or new to the end-game grind, we understand and will be there to help as long as you help us, help you.

c) A good portion of us have families, children, other commitments, and understand that things happen when we least expect it. We are flexible when life happens, but we will not hold raid roles/spots for consistently flaky players. Dedication will help maintain the flow of progression. We are aiming at once a night on a weekend with a chance for a second to down a prog boss or two. Schedule will vary based on progression. As a guild we try to stem burnout as much as we can to keep the positive flow of progression moving forward.

d) We are looking for people that want to be a part of a community. If you don’t want to do end-game that is fine with us as well. We want you to feel just as welcomed in the guild as anyone else. Social members are always welcome as we enjoy the copious amounts of conversation that social members provide. We would also enjoy folks interested in low-mid range keys.

Raid Schedule:

Friday Night 9:30- 12:30/1:00 am EST = Main Night
Saturday (Prog Push) = 10-12-12:30am.

Monday-Thursday Anytime = M+ Groups (we will establish more concrete plan as we get members)

Current NEED Status:

Tanks: Closed

Priest - High Priority
Monk - Low Priority
Shaman - High Priority
Druid - High Priority
Paladin - Med Priority

Death Knight - Med Priority
Druid - Low Priority
Monk - Med Priority
Rogue - Low Priority
Shaman - High Priority
Warrior - Med Priority
Paladin - Low Priority
Demon Hunter - Closed

Druid - Med Priority
Hunter - Med Priority
Mage - Med Priority
Priest - Low Priority
Shaman - Low Priority
Warlock - Med Priority

For all inquiries about guild and Raid Nights please contact Nazamber on BNET - firewarrior#11382 or Discord Nazamber#0260.

We look forward to your interest and would love to talk to in our discord about the possibilities within the guild.

We are 10/10N “Big Accomplishment” in less than 4hrs of creation, lets get some folks to go 10/10H for the Lols before 9.2!

Returning player sending DM.

Hiya! I sent a message to you via BNET…looking forward to chatting.


Tanks: Accepting applicants. There are two tanks already but am willing to get a third or a flex tank.

Healers: Looking for 1 Healer, Shaman preferably, open to others aside from Priest.

DPS: Open to most classes however, we have closed the need for DH’s and Priests

For all inquiries about guild and Raid Nights please contact Kauros on BNET - firewarrior#11382 or discord - Nazamber#0260

Sent a BNET invite.

Long time player, playing SoM right now. What are your current needs? I’d prefer to play a dps; however, I have some healing experience.

Would be okay with a fresh level on your server? I am willing to fill a spot. I do like Mythic + more so than raiding. I will be reaching out.