[H][Thrall] Returning Player LF Casual Guild

Hi, just got back into the game about a week ago. I quit during early Shadowlands but I’m wanting to do some raiding in 9.2. I rolled a Resto Shaman this time around, but I also have a WW Monk/Rogue/Mage I can transfer as well. Most of my experience is in the Rogue and I mainly ran M+ on the Monk. The mage was just getting started for our M+ group before I quit, but I couldn’t bring myself to slog through PvP rating again for gear (idk how to play the mage that well, but I can figure it out).

Looking to raid after 9 EST a couple days a week, I can’t do Friday/Saturday though. Ideally, I’d like to find a guild that runs a lot of M+ as well. Pushing keys is my favorite thing to do outside of raids.

As far as experience, I don’t have a whole lot. Quit early Cata and picked the game up in BFA. I raided Uldir 4/10 Mythic mostly pugging, next raid I cleared heroic then took another break after like 2/10 Mythic. For Castle Nathria I just did heroic and 1 or 2 fights mythic. Most of the raiding I’ve done is through pugs or super casual guilds. That said, I don’t have a problem looking up fights beforehand and working to play my character better. I try to parse at least purple and shoot for orange/pink once I’m comfortable with the fights (obviously mechanics are my main focus, I just like to parse if I can).

The whole healing thing has been a very different play style, but I’m enjoying it and learning as I go. Like I said though, I don’t mind switching back to a different character. Hoping to find a casual guild that is looking to clear some content next patch. Thanks for reading!

Good Day!

Hope this message finds you well.

Night Renegades is currently recruiting and would love for you to stop by and meet the fam! We are a tight knit gaming community that expands over a few different games. NR is an Ally casual AOTC guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun that has been around since the start, we are currently open to any roles/classes and are looking for people that are a great fit for our community and raid team. We also have M+ groups that run before raids and on weekends.

If you are interested in a chat or a few group runs please feel free to contact anyone listed below!
Bip-Doomhammer Dudz#1750 (Bnet) Dudz#7637 (Discord)
Bacstabath-Baelgun Eli#1219 (Bnet)

Current Progression: 10/10H SoD AOTC 9/10H CN 12/12 Nya AOTC

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 2000-2300 EST

Guild Application: https://guildsofwow.com/nightrenegades

RaiderIO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/baelgun/Night%20Renegades

Hey Sorryitried, love the name! Sounds like we have the same game outlook, and we fit within your raid time needs. Hope to chat, take care!