[H][Thrall] <Duplicitys Reach> 11/12 M, LF dps w/ healing OS and hpally

Guild & Server: < Duplicitys Reach > US-Horde -Thrall

Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am server time/Eastern

Current Progression: 11/12 M

Recruitment Contacts: BNET - Snarfed#1335 Discord - Snarfing#4104 We also have an app on our wowprogress I cant link.

Requirements: Mature attitude, good attendance, and a sense of humor. All excellent players are welcome to trial with us and make sure its a good fit. Willing to work with members to improve raid/Mythic+/PvP performance. UTD cloak, level 75+ neck, and all relevant rank 3 essences required

Current Needs: We are primarily recruiting DPS right now, especially with healing OS. All ranged dps are welcome to reach out if they think we will fit. We do have room for exceptional dps of all types though. Looking for an Hpally as well

bumping this for the afternoon people

bumping! come prog the last two bosses with us

Hey! Added you. Frost dk here looking for CE team. Looking forward in chatting with ya.

Bumping, dont check this daily so if you want to contact for sure add me :slight_smile:

updating recruitment needs

bumping, looking for an hpally for nzoth