[H][Stormreaver] <Ghost Division> LF Raiders

Hey there. We’re a mid sized guild looking to fill out our main raid roster. We got a late start this tier and are currently 4/10HC pushing for AOTC.

We are currently building our team and would like to add to our roster. We don’t really care about class - if you like it play it we can make it work.

We are looking for both healers and dps.

New to raiding? We don’t care - we’ll progress together! All we ask for is consistent attendance.

Solid chill group - we have fun but we work hard.

Main raid is Tue/Thu 8pm -10:30pm CST
Alt Raid is Sat 8pm - 10:30 CST

We do M+ and every form of PvP.

Contact me here or bnet; Snoochie#11786 / discord: Snoochie#4112