[H]<Space Cadets> Wed/Mon/Sun 7:00-11:00PST

Member Expectations:
We expect our members to have a solid understanding and grasp of their class, enthusiasm to log in and play, and desire to push content and perform to the best of their abilities. All members are expected to show up on time with required consumables/buffs for the raid that night. eg. Nature resist potions for AQ40 Frost resist potions for naxx.

Region - North America
Faction - Horde
Server - PvP
Loot Council

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday from 07:00pm - 11:00pm PST

Desirable roles:
Resto Druid: HIGH
Hunter: Low
Mage: HIGH
Holy Priest: HIGH
Rogue: HIGH
Resto Shaman: Low
Warlock: HIGH
Warrior: HIGH

DO NOT let this deter you from applying or reaching out if your desired role is listed as low as we are always recruiting exceptional players!

Contact Us:
Ltshinysidez#1306 (Battletag) Shinysides#7682 (Discord)
Jaythekilla#1129 (Battletag) Jaythekilla#9493 (Discord)
Gloodizzle#1922 (Battletag) Gloodizzle#4473 (Discord)

Please reach out and let us know if you have any questions!

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Coming back from a little break after my old guild dissolved a few months ago. I’m looking to play my warlock again. I’ve been playing since 2008 and consider myslef a decent player. Let me know if you guys have a spot!

Still looking for Holy Priests, Resto Druids, and DPS Warriors!

AQ40 9/9 still need some Holy Priests, Resto Druids, and DPS Warriors

9/9 AQ40 no big deal. Would love another Resto Druid, Holy Priest, and some Warriors to be a part of it!

henlo there friends! WE DUNNIT!!! FULLCLEARED AQ 40 IN ONE NIGHT!!! POGGERSS!!!