Welcome to NinetyNine

Hey there! We’re a small guild on Crusader Strike Horde that is looking to expand our ranks. 99 is a group of veteran WoW players that enjoy raiding and playing together. If you’re looking for a small tight knit crew that gets things done in a timely manner while having fun in a laid back raid environment this is the guild for you. In our main raid we’re currently in need of a caster or two and possibly a main tank. We’re also starting our second raid group so all roles are available as we will need 20 raiders for phase three. We raid at 7:30 ST on whichever days work for the most people, but as we get a few more members there will be signups for two raids each reset and you can choose whichever day fits your schedule better! For more information please reach out to me in game.

Contact info:
IGN- Deecè
Bnet- GoldenPants#1881

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