[H]Seeking a guild full of night owls

Hello! I am a former raider who has not played World of Warcraft for close to seven years. I have a small circle of friends who chose to play with me, as well. There are about six of us in total, to date. We are rerolling and starting anew as Horde on Emerald Dream, and we are looking for more people who play during the same hours as us. (Anywhere from the evening to the early morning… vampire hours) We are mostly casual, but may have an inclination toward progression raiding, once we are well established. Which leads me to the question of:

Are there any guilds that have a social pve focus with night shifters that we can join, or should we just form our own?


Yo same. Graveyard shift where ya at.

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You can find me on Sinji in game. It is the shaman that I am leveling every evening. I still haven’t found an appropriate guild. I will form my own if I have to. Giving the post more time before I do that, though. :slight_smile:


Did you folks end up finding anything? I am in the same boat.