[H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Quite excited to start our heroic progression this weekend! No we aren’t turtles, just a little slower paced.

You haven’t had fun until your guild takes over an LFR…check us out!

We are just now starting Heroic and looking forward to getting AOTC! We are in need of dps badly! So if you want a guild that does Mythic+ and want AOTC then this is it! Come have fun and enjoy the game with us!

Help this shammy healllllllla! Having fun running keys before reset! Check us out!

Slowly but surely pushing our way into Heroic EP! If you’re looking for a place to hang your hat give us a shout!

I added you on BNET. I am interested in your guild

Hey Fambulance! I believe we are chatting now! :slight_smile:

Not gonna lie, Ashvane is NOT a nice boss. Ugh…we might be Exalted with Death sooner with that boss. :wink:

If anyone isn’t playing Classic and looking for a guild…we’re still here! Come feed these crickets!

Looking for some great people to join our team on Heroic EP progression & running mythic keystones!

Hi Tollis,

I added Tillae on discord and bnet if you are able to talk :smiley:
If that is you of course lol

It might be quiet with the launch of Classic, but we are still raiding and running keys!

Well the Attendance Boss beat us! But we’re still running alt raids and pursuing current and old tier raid achievements! Running keys when we can, and having a hell of a lot of fun!

Revered with Death is certainly on it’s way to Exalted with Death! BFA and the drop of Classic has killed the guild! Any forgotten or lonely guild members out there come…let’s band together! AND RISE FROM THE ASHES!!! WE SHALL SLAY…errr…something.

Screw the attendance boss! I’m going after Achievements. WHO IS WITH ME!?

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I’m currently poking around for a home in which to get cozy well in preparation for Shadowlands. I’m more interested in finding a good group of people as I can’t currently adhere to a raid schedule, but still get on fairly often to be useless and bump my /played.

Altoholic, but no toons on Thrall currently. Most likely will end up moving part of my army from my current server if I can find a good spot! You guys have an active Discord?

Good group of people. Hope you’ve gotten your fair share of Aussies talking to you in Disco, Till!
Sorry to see your struggling with the attendance boss. I feel I probably helped in that. Went over to the alliance side. I still have my horde toons though. Paladin with the same name on Thrall. I’d be happy to run with you guys when not on my “new” main.

The artist formerly known as Taino.


You got a discord inv? My characters name is Critrush if I don’t see any replies on here when I log in tomorrow I’ll hit you up. I have a 120 mage n a druid, pally, priest as well. I most likely will focus on building 2 or 3 solid healing classes up which is what I normally do.

TAINO!!! OMG!!! I was thinking of you recently and hoping you were doing well!! :smiley:

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Hey Dasboots! Tillae here posting as the toon I’m now maining. You can send me a Discord friend invite Tillae#5722, would love to chat with ya!