[H]Recruiting for second raid team for Sunday

One Night Stand is recruiting for a second raid team that runs on Sunday from 7pm-9pm server(eastern). We are currently in normal as this is a alt/new members raid (main raid is 6/10H). We are looking for a 1 tank and 1 healer and a few dps. We are a very relaxed adult guild and this raid will only be normal and heroic no mythic. If interested please post here or add me in game Icy#12492. We also run mythic+ and looking for a tank for a permanent team spot on Monday 9pm-11pm server.

Hey! What class of tank are you looking for? I have a Blood DK ready but I am interested in trying other tank specs as well. I have a paladin leveled but I can get anything ready by Sunday, and I have tanked a little bit on DH and druid. I have tanked the first two wings on LFR on my DK. I am 8/10 Heroic on my hunter and honestly, I just want to raid one more night. I really love Nathria and I like seeing it from a different perspective. The fights are fun as heck.

any is fine our other tank plays them all and since it is normal/heroic we are not too concerned about it we would rather players play what they enjoy.

Okay! I’d love that. If you’d like to chat more you can send me a discord message at Mewtron#1847

Still looking for 1 healer priest or shaman and 3 DPS Melee or Ranged