HPriest and Lock nerf

ight, they had their fun.

time for the nerf bat.

i just hit 60 a few days ago and these classes are really molding my cheese, ya feel?

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Hpriest is getting a nerf tomorrow. Locks… well, that’s another story.

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ou, do you have link on hand to where i can see this?

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tytytytyvm, <3


Coming from a pally that can pop shield + have the full benefit of Wrath.

Talk about cheese… :roll_eyes:

Coming from a [X class] that can do [Y things], talk about hypocrite.


I mained pally for years back when damage was 1/2 while a pally’s bubble was up.

Now its just cheese.

But do go on, since you seem to be omniscient.

Dude your main is a [Insert Class] you have no room to talk. Never trust a person who runs [Insert spec].



Who said anything about ‘trust’ in a video game? Is that like this ‘honor’ thingy that we all keep hearing about?

Get real, get with it, and move on kid.


they literally just buffed them LOL, by nerfing the pally conduit. Locks and mages are OUT OF CONTROL! They have ruined this game.

Meanwhile all
hunter specs maintain 8k dps while LOSing you.
Demon hunters get a Lay on Hands and 40 second meta maintaining 8k dps.
Rouges hitting you with sepsis for a 50k dot in 3 seconds.
Frostmages having a 40 second burst window hitting at max 15k dps with a free LOS wall.

But yeah warlocks and HPriests need a nerf totally

I’m glad you understand and agree.


I don’t think so, outside of MM with wallhack arrow

Fodder and its soul healing could be looked at, sure.

It is a pretty scary 33 seconds to run from Frost.

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Survival hunters range build easily breaks 7k dps without being melee range.
MM hunters can hit through walls sure but BM maintains 7-8k dps while running behind walls peaking out to use cobra shot and KCMD. Their feign death makes them impossible to kill for any caster without punishment; while also making warriors kyrian useless.

Meanwhile healers have to have split second reaction times or you’re dead to Assassination rouge sepsis + Ret pally verdict/Storm.

Hpriests and locks are strong yes. but as far as balance goes they’re maybe priority 3.

destro is easily priority1 LMFAO





No, I really do think that Destruction tier needs to be looked at before basically anything else.


Fury warriors should also be on the list :wink: