HPally LF Guild AFK for 7 months


Hey there. :slight_smile:

Been AFK for awhile and need a new guild. I raided Uldir for a bit then quit for IRL reasons. Mostly I want a place to get caught up, run some mythic + and maybe raids. I do have a lot to catch up with and would like a fun community to hang out in while I do! I am competitive. A bit.

Lil’ about me? Stay at home mom, two kids and I’m turning 30 soon! So, I’d like a space with other adults! Cobolmoon has and will always be my main character, I do everything on her. So you’re getting years of experience on one healer with me.

I have logs you can check out if you raid regularly. If there are raids I prefer anytime after 9pm CST.

Lil’ mythic and mostly heroic raiding in Legion and beyond. I have past raid experience leading to wotlk. I’m a very good Holy Paladin, I just need to find my groove. :slight_smile:

I also come with a lot of alts.

Add me on Bnet: Moon#1672
Discord: Moon :crescent_moon:#2115

Hope to hear from someone! <3


H] [US] [Bonechewer] <Order LXVI> Mythic Progression 3/8 Guild Recruiting DPS and Healers US - Horde. hmu if you still need a new guild home, we will welcome you with open arms and get you right into the fold.( Heroic clear runs are on Tuesday 7 - 10 p.m. CST. Mythic is currently Wednesday/Thursday 7 - 10 p.m. CST)
down to raid heroic later if you want a trial and see how it goes


Hi there Moon! I added you on bnet but i thought i would still post here!

I will try to keep this as simple and non boring as possible.

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding Hollow was a guild founded in the middle of Legion to engage players in fun friendly activities without the stress off logs/parses. Our main goal was to engage in end game content as well as run mog/mount runs and pvp.

Fast Foward to BFA and our numbers diminished but we were still going strong running mythics and raid.

Here we are now in 8.2. I had to take some time away from running my guild and unfortunately lost alot of players due to that. Most members are alts or just offline members.

I came back to my guild to try and rebuild the community that I had once aspired to do!

My goal is to engage members in that fun-friendly environment.

LF all classes/specs! Need people to run end game content with such as Mythic’s and Raid. We will do mog/mount runs, some pvp and island expeditions, and even help those that are leveling!

Raid days will be Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:00 pm EST

If you want a more laid back, casual enviornment feel free to message me for more information!!

Discord- Glidergirl90#7366

I look forward to speaking to you soon


Oops! Hit delete.

I got a whisper last night from someone in the guild that I missed, but I dont know if mythic is something I want to commit to again lol. I would prefer a guild on my connected realm tho. I’ll save your name and message you later about more info.


Hi Cobolmoon!

Found a Green Quest is located in Zul’Jin and is a casual Horde guild! We are filled with mature fun people who are as close as family, and is currently looking to expand that family with people who like:

-Raiding (still setting up teams)
-Bad Jokes
-Dungeon Runs (both regular and mythic +)
-Mount and Transmog runs
-Good Music
-Leveling Parties
-giving one of our officers good humored grief

We are accepting new, returning, and experienced players who are looking for a fun and relaxing home! If you have any questions or are intrested please feel free to message me!

Discord: Skylitnight#1896
Battkrtag: Skylitnight#11667



If you ever decide that you’re open to faction changing and possibly playing on a different realm (which I know is a huge commitment with a lot of alts) I think we could be a good fit for you :slight_smile: you sound like our kind of person!

We’re an adult group comprised mostly of working folks and parents, so we get that things happen sometimes, and WoW is our place to relax and hang out! Things can get kind of wacky sometimes, but overall we’re a really chill, friendly, and honestly very punny group of people who are always looking for new friends for all kinds of content. I am personally also in a position where I spend a lot of time at home without a lot of face-to-face adult interaction, and this guild is like a second home for me.

Raid-wise we’re a pretty relaxed group of people who, while we take what we do seriously, are looking to have fun and do what we can as a team! We want to progress but the well-being of our raiders is top priority. We are a primarily heroic guild, but like to try our hand at some casual mythic once we have heroic on farm. We had AoTC for all Legion Tiers, and have come pretty close to upholding that for BfA.

Currently we are 8/8H for EP
(and were 1/9M for BoD, 1/2H for CoS, and 2/8M for Uldir)

Our raid times are:
Wednesday 8-11 PM Pacific
Thursday 8-11 PM Pacific
Friday 8-11 PM Pacific (Optional fun run/alt run)

We also have people who are interested in non-raid activities, like M+, achievements, farming, etc. We are also building a casual Classic guild for those who are interested, and have communities for a couple other games as well!

If you’re interested and have any questions, or just want to hear more I can be reached at Phes#11476 (Bnet) or Murryblue#1461 (Discord.)


Ahhh I love the sound of your guild it sounds perfect and while I WOULD LOVE TO BE A SPACE GOAT AGAIN I cannot afford both a transfer and a faction change :sob:


Good morning Cobolmoon! Our recruiting post is here if you want to read more.

Basically, we have two raid teams in the same guild. This offers raiders more options. We are composed mainly of married with kids members, but we welcome anyone that has a good attitude. We also have quite a few non-raiders that just like our guild atmosphere. We are very active in game and on our Discord. I’m the raid leader of our Mythic team, but I also raid regularly on our Heroic team. We just really enjoy the game and want others to as well. Send me a message anytime. True#1326 on bnet. I hope you find a good home!


Sent a bnet request!