HPAL 187 LF CE Mythic Raid Guild Anydays Mon-Sun

Hey the name is Julian or can be called Jay

I am a returning CE Mythic raider looking to raid full time again in SL. I can raid anydays/times preferably no later then 12am est if could. I am looking to commit again to a hardcore raiding guild. Reason i left previously was because i had gotten burnt out raiding 5 days a week on 2 toons i will not be doing that again. I would like to raid on 1 character going into shadowlands and that will be my Holy Pally. Ive been playing Hpally since ending of Cata. I know my class in and out but i am always willing to perfect my craft. Im a nice and laid back player/person love to joke around and have a good time. But when it comes to Mythic Raiding i definitely want to push. I missed playing WoW i came back last week to it and enjoy shadowlands alot! Hopefully someone will recruit me after hpallies being bottom of the charts lol. Cant wait to see whats in store hopefully i find a home as well!

Any question feel free to add me :smiley: Shady123#11464
I also have logs from Uldir Mythic but cant seem to find my Mythic BFA ones for some reason ive left WoW during Mythic Jaina

Hey Jay,

If you’re open to faction/server swapping, is a fresh guild run by a couple old time raiders returning from early BfA raiding, and we’re looking for a heals/DPS for our roster. Our main focus is fleshing out a solid 10 man group for raiding as we expand and grow to form a close knit, 30 man raiding group. Low stress, mostly casual people who have bigger things to worry about like work and school, we raid Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, 7-10CST.

Feel free to message me if you want more info, @stills#1285


hows it going friend we could use a holy pally on our guild the heros company a little bit about us The Heroes Company is a decade-old CE experienced guild recruiting heroes of the Alliance to fill up our raid team. We are seeking any and all interested in our W+Th 1900-2330 raid times PST. i know its a little later than you wanted but if youd be alright with it wed love to have you on the team my real id is beautyinwar#1784 and my guild lead is quixsis#1477 hope to hear from you friend and have a wonderful day!!

Hi Jay,

We are looking for a solid healer, and would prefer a Holy Paladin. I’ll drop the copy pasta below and add you on bnet as well. Hope to hear from you!

Its Mine I Licked It (US-Stormrage - Alliance) is recruiting for semi-hardcore raiding in Shadowlands!

Its Mine I Licked It was founded prior to the launch of Shadowlands by a group of friends with significant hardcore raiding experience. All of the founding members have played WoW since The Burning Crusade or earlier, and have raided since Wrath of the Lich King or before. More to the point, each of the founding members have at minimum US Top 50 experience, and we have all held leadership positions in competitive raiding guilds.

However, life goes on and people get older, and we all stopped raiding or even playing the game all together in either Legion or Battle for Azeroth for individual reasons. However, we also love this game and have come back over the last few months (or for some of us, never left at all). For all of us, raiding is an integral part of this game, and that’s what we plan to do. Still, we don’t want to break our backs pushing the true bleeding edge of end game content like we all did for so many years.

In Shadowlands, we will clear all Mythic Raid content as well as provide an environment conducive for Mythic + dungeon runs. However, we are all at the point in our lives where pushing late hours or extra nights to clear a Mythic Raid is not what we are looking for. Instead, we want to focus on a less grindy experience while still pushing ourselves and playing efficiently.

The raid schedule is TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 8 EST – 11 US Eastern time. We will only be raiding 6 hours a week, so we will be pulling at 8. In other words, the ability to be on by 7:45 or so is important/necessary.

Our primary needs are:

Ranged DPS
Healer (Paladin Preferred)

However, we will always consider exceptional players who are the right fit – we have several members who are flexible in their roles. If we can accommodate you, we will!

If you are interested in raiding with us, please add Abberation (Moophisto#11601), Lyssan (Lyssan#1884), or Fuzzii (Fuzzii#1197) on Bnet to set up an interview time.

bum please :smiley:

in need of a healer for Fri/Sat CE group. 7-10pm CST
[H] 12/12M WEEKDAY & WEEKEND! 6 & 7PM CST STARTS! LF HEALER FOR WEEKEND - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Creeping Doom US-HORDE | MAL’GANIS

Who we are:

Creeping Doom is a community of veteran raiders who, due to family and work commitments, have embraced a casual raiding schedule. Many of our members come from US Top 50 guilds and although our schedule is now casual, we still take on the hardest challenges the game has to offer with a hardcore mindset. If you are a talented player who would prefer to raid once a week, consider joining us.

Guild Focus:

  • Achieve Cutting Edge while raiding 1 day a week.
  • Build a competitive Mythic+, PVP, and social community.
  • Facilitate optional Heroic raids for friends and alts.

Current Guild needs:

  • Healer (1): HPally or MW
  • Range DPS (3): Mage, Spriest, Boomer, or a Hunter

Raid Schedule

Mythic raid schedule

  • Thursday 8pm - 12am EST

Optional Heroic Raid Times (2 groups):

  1. Tue/Wed evening, time is TBD
  2. Friday at 8PM-11PM EST.

Contact Info:

  • Discord: Goregutz#4738
  • BNet: Goregutz#4738

bump please still looking

Hey there Jay, I’m an officer over at Hollowed-Zul’jin (horde) and I think you would be a good fit for our team! After reading your post I think you would make a great addition to our core roster on your holy paladin. I will leave the usual copy paste stuff for you to go over. I have also added your Btag.

Hollowed (US-Zul’jin)

We are a semi-casual guild with an aim of CE every tier - we don’t expect you to be one of the top 100 players of your class, but we do expect a certain level of skill & desire to improve. We started with the hope of cultivating not just a group of raiders, but a community of people we can relax with when we don’t really feel like playing WoW, too.

We involve members no matter what their WoW drive is, whether that’s Mythic+ or PvP - we hope to house a group of people who are interested not just in mythic raiding,but pushing other types of content as well. With that said, if you find that you really aren’t interested in mythic raiding, don’t count us out; we plan to run heroic raids once a week, and are open to running normal if people are interested.

Raid Times

Tuesday & Thursday 8pm-12am EST

Optional/Off Raid Night: Wednesday 8pm-12am EST


Castle Nathria will be our first tier as a guild, but we have several 12/12M (Ny’alotha) raiders, including the GM and Raid Leader. We’re aiming for 10/10M.




Discord: Dreadsyth#1838
Battle.net: Dreadsyth#1838

Discord: hale#0420
Battle.net: Daddy#13922

Discord: Albinoh#6378
Battle.net: Albinoh#1244

If you are interested in applying please fill out the application on our guild website, or contact an officer directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Msgd you in game, PepeLands is on Illidan & looking to be one of the top 2-day guilds in the world. We’re looking to never add additional days, and ever extend past our normal raid hours (dont call overtime police on us). If a raid day falls on a holiday we’ll ask the members if they’d like to raid or reschedule.
We will consider all exceptional applications regardless of current needs.

CE Will be Guaranteed, and we’re looking to push US 150-250ish for our 1st tier.

We’re looking forward to high level raiding, with a much more relaxed environment and schedule.

Currently Recruiting December:

All Healers

ALTS are not required, but encouraged for splits and sale runs.


Wed & Thurs
8:00pm — 12:00am EST

Leadership Background

Our Leading core have raided with the likes of Wildcard Gaming, Vision, Imperative, Intern Made This Boss, xD, and Fused, claiming multiple US 10-40s.


GM : StarvinMonkey#8300
CO GM : Campfireman#0001

bump still looking hopefully be tues! :smiley:

The Company has a history of decade-long exploits that span the course of Azeroth’s woes since the end of the Scourge War we are and have been a Cutting Edge guild. It’s our purpose to continue on with this legacy. After our losses from the last battle against N’zoth, we made the change to once again be Alliance.

Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursdays 7:30 pm thru 11:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

What we need: Mythic oriented players.

Healers: Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk, Resto Shaman
Ranged DPS: Wizards, and Hunters.
Melee DPS; All but DK’s and Warrior’s

Please add Quixsis#1477 for more info.


Submit an intake form.


bump pleaseee

Hey there, we’ve been looking for an Hpally that knows their stuff! The spam is below, message me if you’re interested!



Shadowlands is amazing!

Hey there! We are looking for a holy pally to round out our raid team! Please give us a look and contact us if your interested.

Love this expansion !

<< Demise >> US - Sargeras

Tuesday and Thursday

Demise is currently recruiting for Shadowlands! We are a top tier mythic guild on Sargeras that has been raiding together for several expansions now. Our core group of veteran players have Cutting Edge experience in previous tiers.

Our core raiders are expected to always be prepared:

  1. Have knowledge of boss encounters heading into first week’s pulls, etc.
  2. Be prepared with flasks, pots, and feasts at all times. (We often provide them anyways but good habit to have)
  3. Show up several minutes early to raid nights and be prepared to clear trash and start right on the dot.
  4. Be open to feedback and improving your performance when necessary (bad nights happen, we understand!)

We just want to give a very clear expectation of what we expect from our team and our wow friends in the guild. We’re raiders with a common goal. Kill bosses and have fun doing it :slight_smile:

Our current needs are:
Meele dps - Warrior/Demon Hunter
Ranged dps - Considering all

Open to skilled players on ALL other classes/specs.

Spots will be competitive and everyone has a fair chance to earn their raid spot.

If you are interested in our guild and would like more information or to join then contact us (info listed below).

I am always around and willing to talk and answer any and all questions.

Hoping to give many of you the best guild/home you’ve ever been a part of! :slight_smile:

Discord: blitz steve#3655
Bnet- Blitzsteve#1703
IGN- Galiyon