How's the RP here?

Is it completely dead or is it active somewhere?

There are events and active tavern nights every week for Alliance and Horde, but if you’re just looking for random walk-up, you probably won’t find too much of that at the moment. Most of the RP occurs at those events and inside guilds.

Here’s the link to the RP discord server for BSB: https: //discord. gg/dycns6vh


There are a bunch of us doing HC tho if you want to give it a shot

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You won’t find a friendlier community of Roleplayer’s anywhere else. The community is tight-knit, but growing. On the other side of that, I can positively state that the server isn’t domineered by cliques. The community is strong, but very open to newcomers. It is really the server culture that has impressed me the most. It really feels like Classic WoW’s RP community. The best way for me to describe what that means, is that it feels less like being on a retail RP server, and more like being in a comic-book store with fellow nerds.

There’s an older crowd of players here that know how to distinguish IC from OOC particularly well, aren’t easily offended, aren’t constantly trying to gaslight eachother, and are exceptionally collaborative. The mentality seems to be, “Act mature, and you will be greeted with maturity.”

Although the community is small at the moment, it is growing. But as someone who has RP’d for 15 years in WoW, I’d much rather have the quality than the quantity.

Something else that means a lot to me is that the community is made up of lore-abiding players. Players seem to agree that anything that was written up until the end of TBC is headcanon; anything beyond that point is not. What is also meant by that statement is that the actual Blizzard IP determines the lore - not playermade fan-fiction. That means an incredible amount to me, personally, as it generally means you aren’t forced to kowtow to server fannons created by larger guilds.

I would also say one of the other redeeming qualities about Bloodsail Buccaneer’s is that the ERP is private. People don’t harass ERPers as long as they keep their activity private, and Goldshire isn’t the den of iniquity that it is on Moon-Guard.

Another bonus is that both the Horde and the Alliance RP communities are fairly balanced in terms of player-size, and they actively coordinate joint-faction events through the server discord.

The Discord channel is awesome. It’s called “Buccaneer’s Bay.” The server also has an exceptionally well administrated fandom wiki to upload character profiles.

10/10 best RP community I’ve been a part of. This is going to be the home of WoW’s next RP golden age by phase 4 of TBC.


I have been leveling alts on most servers to around level 30 or 40 ish. This one I can say I may stay, even though it’s PVE. I’m not just impressed by more mature chat in most of the channels, but also with the economy and AH.

I have seen less spam on this server, not counting the truly low populated ones. While I’ll likely keep checking in on Thunderfury for my druid there, I’ll continue brand new on BB and enjoy the game without so much spam on AH, and in chat.


PvE is the best

I myself do not RP aside from mooing everyone I see. However, they have had a few RP events that I have seen regularly as well as some events. The last one being last weekend for the small procession they had in Shattrat city. It was pretty neat seeing both sides come together and enjoy some music at the Inn.

I can not find it. :frowning:


I don’t have a big novel of backstory or anything like that. I’m just adventuring the best I can… blowing up everything along the way. Did you know Defias suck? Cheaters with cheap fire shields. Frostbolts are COLD!

So many other RP servers having a “basic” story was some major taboo… not so on BB. I’ve had three or four people help with harder quests, chat a bit, and “when you get a bit more experience we might need your help” as we part ways.

It feels like a world, not a bunch of people playing in one.


Are you confusing this with the main Discord or is there a secret RP Discord?

There’s an RP one, and it’s not meant to be a secret

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Did you use the link? Or just search?

Try this link

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Link is invalid or expired. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I am on two different discord servers for this realm. I see a few people are on both. I do not think it matters much.

If anyone is looking for rp Horde side, I have been thinking of making an rp guild. It will be Sindorei based, so bring your BE and prepare to work together on a viable storyline we can all follow.

I once had a lot of fun with a semi hardcore or what we called a modified Ironman guild. I am open to ideas. Send me in game mail if you would be willing to join me in making something interesting and fun.

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My poor blood elf has been in a couple of guilds that started at the onset of Burning Crusade, they all went flat.

I would love to find a Horde side RP guild.

My Alliance characters are doing fine.

I hate to say it, but rp is not that great on any server. Blizzard is just not that interested in promoting it.


The RP is dead on this Server. I created a Druid with an elven name, backstory, installed RP addons just to see people talking about covid and vaccine on L4G channel. The players are newbies on general. Deleted my char and created another in a realm with a massive player base.

If your still looking for the link: is to the rp discord

Here you are hun!

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There is one that does weekly rp events on Horde, look for Echos of Eversong. They host on Fridays in Booty Bay or Silvermoon City. :slight_smile: