How you sim vs your actual dps

Curious for you top parses out there, how close above or below your sims is your actual dps.

Raid setting.

All feel free to respond. I’m assuming the best of the best actually do more than they sim. But a friend is skeptical.

Depends on encounter mechanics and what spec you mean specifically. Sark has an abusable haste mechanic and cleave that you can easily surpass your sim dps, mythic khaz can have terrible portal and laser rng where you won’t beat your sim. Question is pretty vague.

Both Fury and Arms sim for about 131-133k for me, but real world actual is closer to 116k-123k for ST. I never have every buff (namely Windfury), don’t use Augment runes, and haven’t used tier 3 damage pots outside of Mythic prog, though.

Our damage specs have an unhealthy chunk of RNG, so the only time I ever really performed actual sim numbers was when we had Gladiator, which had virtually no RNG and was a spec purely built around the execution of its core abilities. If you played it without macros you could hit extremely close to your sim numbers.

for st, pretty dang close. like give or take usually 2%. as long as its straight ST and the duration is the same

I test my trinkets on the target dummies because sims assume my character is a robot.

On a training dummy it’s a bit less for me, by like 10% or so. I usually parse high purple or orange so I imagine it’s the same or worse for most people.

It depends on the sim. If you’re just patchwerking a boss, like Magmorax, you can be above / below your sim purely by RNG.

I’ve had plenty of pulls where I’ll get giga procs on my Evoker and I’ll be ripping 200-250k sustained for the first 45 seconds of my opener, but I’ll also have other pulls where I’ll be doing 150k sustained because I didn’t get a living flame proc.

I’ll usually meet or exceed my sim, but I also don’t sim specific fights. I sim for upgrades and stat weights. I don’t think there are any fights where you can truly min-max on sims and gain a meaningful advantage, especially taking into consideration the RNG factor.