How will TCG loot work in The Burning Crusade Classic?

As we all know, the wow TCG was discontinued in 2013. During Warlords of Dreanor, we saw Spectral Tiger reach $3000 and Today there are only a couple of listings up to 5-7 thousand dollars. There are not many loot cards left out there that are able to redeem mounts, tabards or toys and are affordable. The way I see it, blizzard is left with four options, all of which will affect the value of these loot cards.

[1]: Allow players who have redeemed them already to carry over to BC Classic

[2]: Allow nobody access to their TCG loot in TBC Classic

[3]: Wipe the data of all redeemed codes and allow them to be redeemed again on TBC Classic servers as if they were never used.

[4]: Re-release the WoW TCG Loot cards physically or on Hearthstone for a limited time.

Each of these options is drastically different, but some are more likely than others. What are your thoughts?
There is a massive potential for extra income from a commodity they control the demand on here. If Blizzard decides to reprint, or re-release codes, they could rake in lots of dough, but at the same time anger lots of collectors. If they decide to do nothing or give them the same treatment as the Diablo companion some classic players have, It would be a greatly missed opportunity for players and collectors alike.

In my Personal opinion, although it is the most unlikely path, It would be in Blizzard’s best interest to create a new supply of these loot items. I would preferer that they Reprint the physical cards in a limited one time set with the help of Hasbro (B/C Hasbro is always bleeding cash and probably can’t say no) OR they can just use Hearthstone as a means of distribution, as there will be no material cost, 3rd party manufacturer or distributer and be overall lest costly.
If they decide to allow people to reuse old codes, I fear Ebay/Amazon scams, price gouging and goblins will make quick work of this new influx of demand.

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The same way it worked for CE pets.

If it’s attached to your retail account, it will be linked to your Ckassic TBC account.

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Hearthstone. They can revive hearthstone with tcg for classic.

I can’t see them giving them to people who had them in retail. It’s not like pets that have no bearing on the game. You’d be giving people free mounts.

They either don’t do it at all or they give you a chance to get an item from the hearthstone game through the booster packs.


I think 4, and a revised version of 4. Rerelease WoW TCG Loot cards electronically. It’s hard to say if TCG will even find a place in TBC Classic.

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Still waiting on my Murky to show up…

I think 4 or don’t do it at all.

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I think they would be unavailable items in game. They would put in the mechanisms but simply make them useless. Nintendo has done this kind of thing for several virtual console titles. They have unsupported features on modern platforms or hardware, unsupported in game. Example: Zelda Ages and Seasons for the 3ds does not support doing ring trades with other consoles. You go to the snake, try to set it up but it doesn’t work.