How will my experience be if I main Rogue?

Incorrect. Presuming full BiS at any area, a rogue will be outperformed consistently by a warrior assuming equal skill as well. Warriors with their rank 14 weapons and pvp gear shred damage meters in BWL.

Mages fall behind rogues in MC and BWL because Frost isn’t their damage dealing spec. It only outperforms fire because of inherent spell resistances on things with a more RPG approach. Elementals also should be immune to poisons. Once that gets removed in AQ because things aren’t inherently fire so they don’t have spell resistance unlike MC, Fire being where their real damage is coupled with ranged favoring fights somewhat in AQ but mostly in Naxxramas they usually take 1 or 2 on a meter. Honestly if the fights weren’t ranged heavy you’d downsize on warlocks and hunters for more rogues but it impacts them that much to where you don’t want many rogues in a raid despite their dominant damage.

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… i was replying to someone who said rogues were number 2 on most played class lists for private servers
but thanks for the 2 paragraphs about random stuff that don’t matter


Gameplay wise vanilla rogue had a real assassin feel quick to kill but quick to die. Good timing matter a little more than most classes.
Abilities had to be more elaborated compared to live.
Lots of rogues, grouping can take more time but always a winner.
Sneaking actually matter in pve.

Hate to burst your bubble, but they said the honor system wouldn’t even be out until BWL is released.

You will enjoy every facet of Rogue play, minus your role in some premades, should you choose to rank.

They aren’t amazingly-fast at leveling, but they solo just fine and have so many escape mechanisms in their toolkit.

They are premier damage dealers, and as such, not having any role besides doing damage, people expect nothing of you besides that. No one relies on you to CC, but when you do land a clutch blind, or you gouge a mob off of a healer in a dungeon, people will absolutely notice and generally appreciate you more so. They scale incredibly-well in every facet of raid content.

They are magnificent in world PvP. I don’t think I need to elaborate there.

One of my absolute favorite things, was when I needed to go AFK, I climb a hill off the beaten path, eat food to regen, and stealth. No one to gank me, especially when there’s nothing there to gank.

They farm dungeons very well. You can pickpocket Stockades for almost 2g/run, starting at level 25. It takes 10 minutes a run. You do that 10 times a day, spending less than 2 hours, for a week, and you have 70g-100g before you hit 40, absolutely assuring yourself of a mount when you ding, among extra gold for engineering, skills, or maybe even some good gear. As you ramp up in levels, so does the gold. Clear out all 3 wings of SM at level 38 for around 15g. Do that for a week and hit your 40s with 200-300g. Do that in RFD and hit your 50s with 500-800g. Do that in BRD and have a steady supply of gold for alts, epic mount, max enchants. Sky’s the limit.

The only thing you will have issue with, is the enormous amount of Warriors and other Rogues competing with you for gear. If you are a good player, polite, patient, and do your job damaging, you’ll get your gear and be able to do anything else that much better.

It is easily one of the best classes to play and start with on Vanilla.


You’ll get to have combo sword spec, which is an experience.


How is it? Overpowered with high dps and too much utility compared to every other class.


Anyone who says rogue is weak in pvp against “people who know what they’re doing” , just never knew what they were doing on a rogue.

I welcome you to go watch World of Roguecraft series. Assuming they don’t change anything about vanilla and depending on what patch we start off with, we literally have a 100% => 0% CC chain that is not counterable.

We were top dogs in PvE too. Low utility high dps. Only started losing to warriors late BWL / Early Naxx.

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this tells me you have no clue what yo uare talking about
if you’re talking about PvP they are only overpowered if you don’t know how to play against them.
as for their utility, it’s really about all they have, as without it they would get wrecked by just about every class in the game skill for skill.
If you’re talking about PvE - there are 2 classes that do more damage then they do, and they have next to no utility.


Just look up Angwe on Google, that’s a rogue to aspire to.

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rogues lost equal skill to warriors, druids, locks, mages, and hunters with ease.

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Only true if both players are equally braindead. Warrior is the single worst 1v1 class and rogue is one of the strongest.

yes, warrior is terrible 1v1. except vs rogues. as a rogue my options against warrior are run or die.

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It will probably be laughing at me as I struggle when you show up with four other rogues.

I loved it when rogues popped evasion against my warrior. Time for overpower to completely destroy you.

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Just a FYI I see Rogues as gankers, people who thrive on ruining other people’s time and I make a habit of always killing a Rogue every opportunity I get (I main Resto Druid, probably the best class to take on Rogue)

You promised me, you lied.

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All hail the necromancer.

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PvP trinket is not even available yet.
Cheapshot(Stun) backstab backstab Kidneyshot(stun) backstab backstab vanish Cheapshot(stun) backstab back stab Skidneyshot backstab…preparation(resets all of Rogue skill cooldowns…)
Vanish…and repeat…

Just stun lock to kill any class in 1 vs 1 LOL

if its anything like BC (I never played vanilla) you will enjoy playing a rogue at least in BGs