How we REALLY got our TBC honor (with sources)

Bumping this so Blizzard might actually do their job properly.


you guys keep posting this ‘gotcha’ but the patch we are playing the pre patch on is 2.5, its the final patch of TBC, they will just press a button that allows us to gain exp, we’re playing the same patch they are…

My posts cover all of the patches leading up to and including 2.4.3 and does not involving “level 70” as a reason for this being wrong. I use both prepatch and level 70 information to prove that HKs giving WAY more honor was a thing and how the honor was way lower prenerf but not anywhere near the numbers we are seeing on live right now.


I’d say go look at the last reply I made to this comment, but they deleted the thread.

This is the point of the patch that’s 2.0 and we should be given the value that was in 2.0, same argument that is the reason we don’t have BT already.

Yes before you say it, give us 2.0 talents, idc.

i was replying directly to the guy who is the 2847274th person to point out that the person in andycloud’s video had a water shield on, its irrelevant that he had a water shield on, that’s not why the honor numbers are wrong

If it’s the “final patch of tbc” can I get my Sunwell gear right now? No, not possible. We’re playing in prepatch right now, man, not actual TBC. These values are absurd and just wrong. The videos this Andy guy posted are just wrong. Blizz acted way too quickly about it and they messed up. They need to fix it. This Andy guy needs to stop thinking he knows what he’s doing by “trying to fix things to how they were” because he’s obviously not good at it at all.


I started a thread saying the BG honor changes would not be reverted at all unless someone came with facts. I got attacked for it, but this is exactly what I was talking about. Blizzard needs to see this and take it into account.

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I wasnt aware that season 1 arena gear was available to buy with honor the day the portal opened


? its available to buy with arena points, i don’t really know what ur getting at

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We’ve already had this discussion gnomebro

Where’s my sunwell gear, bro? Can I get that right now since we’re “playing the final patch of tbc” ? Or nah?

do you realise what a patch and a phase is? ever played classic? we’ve been on the final patch of classic since day 1, 1.12, i see you are posting on a retail character which might lead you to some confusion i suppose.

Are you daft? This is my classic toon. Learn to read or get some glasses.

oh, you don’t show up for me because you nor your guild have ever logged a classic raid which is like a 99% chance its a retail 60, i guess you’ll ignore the bit where i ask you if you know what a phase vs a patch is again though?

Friend, I played at launch on a warlock, main swapped for a shaman, played with a different guild from AQ-Naxx, and joined this guild with friends for TBC. Obviously it won’t have any logs from Classic if it’s a TBC centered guild. Does that make sense, or?

In regards to phases and patches, obviously I know. It doesn’t change the fact that this is prepatch, and the point stands that those videos Andy posted as “proof” don’t hold any value whatsoever to justify this change at all.


Funny how they are so quick to nerf something that players enjoy and just ignore it when they don’t.


Hopefully this doesn’t get buried in the frustration posts.

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Please fix this, Blizzard.

Well, you take it at face value that blizzard saw a post from a guy called andy and on that note alone decided to nerf some honor values which seems kind of ludicrous, we all know that the pre-nerf values were wrong, just we can’t decide how wrong. The way classic was ran i really really really doubt that we’d be getting pre 2.3 honor values in 2.5, pretty much every single thing in all of classic was the same throughout the phases except for them pulling the lever on some content they gated

It quite literally says “WoW Classic” under his character on all of his posts. . .