How to swallow properly


You just need to read the poster and you know what to expect.

(Siégfriéd) #11

I seriously felt this thread was going to go way more south than it did so far…

(Hankypanky) #12

I don’t have advice for chewing, Fleb. Trolls don’t chew. We rip and swallow food whole… Like a bird lol.

BUT you should get one of these! They clean your hand when you stick it in their water. Just do it with your face! I’m sure it will work out.

And you can make a new friend.

(Akston) #13

To be honest though, I thought it would similar to this

(Alindriae) #14

Don’t eat people. Have a protein smoothie or go vegan. Both are good for you. :slight_smile:

(Darknesself) #15

As an Undead, I don’t think he has to worry about what’s good for him. It’s more the taste that matters :slight_smile: .

(Akston) #16

I thought about going vegan, but then I’d be required to tell everyone I was vegan. And thats just…so much work.

(Alindriae) #17

Can they actually taste food? :open_mouth:

(Darknesself) #18

Hmm, good question.

Lord Fleb, can you taste your food?

(Fleb) #19

But i will have to stitches myself at each 3-4 hours 8(

You naughty beardy boi.

Yes, i need my nutriment!

Cookies are amazing cute timbit, but i need my meat!

Ah a true fan!

The day is still young my friend.

What a great idea!

i wish i could put food in me like them ghost 8(

I get my vegan meal from night elves cute stuff.

Why of course and you look quite delicious to taste my dear 8)

(Tinyangry) #20

It is good to see you looking like yourself Fleb…but does this mean the other story is over?

(Swiftraven) #21

You can have me pre chew your food and feed you like a beautiful baby bird

(Fleb) #22

Do not worry my lovely, i’ll get ban soon again for like 3 weeks and you will get 3 weeks of diaries!

I’ll give you the sweetest of baby bird tweet noises in your succulent ears my cute muffin.

(Tsavis) #23

And the cookies you make have the perfect amount of calories and nutritional balance you can eat one, or 50 and not gain an ounce or have it affect your health.
grabs a cookie… and sits down

(Yzzami) #24

Turn your trusty dagger into a trusty toothpick


I strategically wear helmets that help with our eating problems. Mostly helmets that help keep my jaw together.

(Arron) #26



Reading the title made me go :open_mouth:

After reading through it, it made me go :worried:

(Chaaka) #28

I heard if you dont tell 3 people a day, and start an argument with at least one of them that they kick you out of the veganclub.

(Akston) #29

Its even worse. The Vegan Police come and take away your Vegan Powers