How to stop guildies from quitting the game?

You can’t control people. Eventually you’ll have to merge guilds and then some day merge servers.

At some point things will settle and the people that want to stick around will and everyone else will leave.

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So say this is definitely agreed upon and all us Horde rerolls over to Alliance. Eventually, the Horde side will be the underdog, So then aren’t I a carebear pansy AGAIN because I’m on the overpopulated side?

I play Tauren Druid because I LOVE Tauren Druid. Simply stating I’m a carebear pansy for that is kind of ignorant. I could careless if Bigglesworth server was 90% alliance; I would still play my Tauren Druid. And to that point, if Bigglesworth was alliance favored, are you to call those alliance carebear pansies and wouldn’t dare to play on the underdog side?

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Where did I say which faction, I said roll the underdog side. So make your Tauren druid on a server where the horde is the underdog.

But how do I find out the ratios when I just randomly chose a server (Bigglesworth) and rolled what I wanted to play?
Are you suggesting the expectation is to research each server to find out the ratios instead of just being able to make my level one character and start using my subscription? If that is what you are suggesting, then, noted. However, I’m not obligated in any way to do that, so thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

And wouldn’t that suggestion sway back and forth constantly, because every player needs to find the underdog side. If this continues on, players would just be looking at the server screen all night.

EDIT: And besides, I’m already level 60 on Bigglesworth. I’m not going to reroll on another server simply because the ratio is off. If Blizz opened server transfers, and I can convince my 4 IRL friends to go, I’d be happy to do so to help out the imbalance. But until then, I’m stuck as a Tauren Druid on Bigglesworth.

You can’t, as of now the only option available is to reroll.
Pvp isnt fun for a lot of people, especially when you are outnumbered. I think a lot fell for the “only way to play the game” trap.
The issue is that people are forced into pvp and stuck in it until they decide to log. They are trying to get stuff done but cant because “pvp”.

Its not going to get better, you can see the alliance population on pve realms getting bigger by the week. Or they reroll on a alliance dominated pvp server.

Agreed. There’s only 3 options:

  1. Endure it and hope it gets better
  2. Reroll on another server
  3. Quit

And for option #2, the irony is this:
Reroll to PvE, people say stupid stuff like “You suck at PvP. That’s why you going PvE.”
Reroll to another PvP server: either you’re underdog again or you’re adding to the overpopulation.
If you’re the underdog, well rerolling didn’t help anything for yourself.
If you’re the overpopulated side, now you’re a carebear pansy who won’t fight with the underdog side.

There is no winning at all.

#1 I said overwhelming not dominant. #2 you can have more than 1 character #3 if the solution to ally being overwhelmed is for them to reroll, telling people to reroll to experiance PVP rather than be carebears is a healthier solution for the servers.

“Reroll if you are being overwhelmed” - the people overwhelming every one.
“Reroll if you want pvp” - the people being overwhelmed.

Would you stay in a FPS match if the opposing team had half the players, or would you switch teams?


I would definitely switch teams.
However, that’s not plausible in WoW Classic; at least not for me. Being a new father and working full time only leaves me some few hours to play at my leisure.
So I don’t have the time to reinvest into a new character. I’m enjoying end game content at the moment.
I’m definitely not disagreeing with your points; I’m certain we have the same perspective. And I do feel inherently bad for the people who subbed but can’t even enjoy the game. But at this point in time, I feel those 3 options are the only options people have got.

Yeah its almost like rerolling sucks right? But its the only option given by the overwhelming faction while they themselves refuse to reroll even though their actions are the root cause of the problems we are experiencing. So like I said, telling the underdog to reroll is counter productive.

If you at any point tell an underdog to reroll without being willing to do so yourself to help solve the problem, you are a hypocrite and a carebear hiding behind numbers on a pvp server.

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It’s a little long to be a slogan, but I like it :wink:


I’ve never “told” anyone to do anything. I’m in no place to do so. So hopefully that’ll clear off any impressions that I’m a hypocrite to you. :slight_smile:

And I’ve posted this plenty of times in other topics:

  1. I don’t join zergs, I go a different way.
  2. I don’t camp. I kill and move on.

However, if you are truly insinuating that I’m a hypocrite and a carebear, then noted!

Merry Christmas!

Its your 2nd solution bud. The only real solution is for the overwhelming side to reroll. All of your solutions given hurt the servers.

No amount of happy faces change that you are giving the same solution while enjoying the benefit of being on the overwhelming side. (yes horde are overwhelming on Bigglesworth, luckily bigglesworth has a few alliance willing to put up a fight.)

Good luck, Merry Christmas.

There’s another option:

  1. Enjoy it
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Unfortunately for you, I’m the President of the United States.



Suck it up.


I prefer lawsuits. Submit or face what really hurts you, a giant hit to your wallet and possible jail time.

Nothing says more than letting someone know they only have their cookies because you allow them to keep them.

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start recruiting more players tbh

read this WoW Classic 1.13.3 Patch Notes

thanks for the chuckle

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It’s not their fault it’s Blizzards.

If Blizz wasn’t so sloppy with this whole thing we could have had something great, now we just have something mediocre.

It started with layering and their stupid phases and now its their stupid idea of having super servers without making changes to compensate.

This is not Vanilla.