How to start the Void Elf?

How do I start this? I’m level 52. I’ve been to the broken isles and it just has the tower with a thing involving Rael if you talk to the person outside. I don’t see where to get the start of the series in Shadowlands unless I accidentally dropped the quest cleaning my quest log. I want to unlock the Void Elf, Light Draeni, and the Other human type. So far I’ve only unlocked the cute little wolf thing. It’s been ages and I can’t remember much about how to get this quest.

Online things say how to try to go back in time by going to faction city. Then choosing the time traveller. But Darnassis was locked out until I talked to the person at darkshore. There I didn’t see anything on starting the quest. I went to the board in stormwind by the auction house near the bank with the fountain and it wasn’t listed there as broken shore. So I’m not sure how to get there to do it. In the tower it takes a few places but doesn’t say where. There was no chromie in darkshore only another mage.