How to report players selling runs?

There’s a guild on my server constantly spamming advertisements for “guild M+ carries” on obvious alts that are not going to participate, which is against the current ToS (characters advertising must be participating in the run). How do you go about reporting them?


Right click on the name in chat, from the menu find report player, and click on advertisement in the sub menu.


They might be violating the spamming rules but guilds are allowed to sell carries.


Blizzard has explicitly stated that they want ads to be posted by a player participating in the carry. If it’s a level 1, they aren’t.

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No where in that blue post that banned “carry communities” did they say anything close to that.

That’s not necessarily true though. That lvl 1 character’s player could easily log out and log into their main to participate. Then, by definition that player is participating in the carry.

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As others have pointed out…you don’t know if the PLAYER is going to participate based on the toon they are advertising on

For all you know their main is sitting in the raid ready to go.

I personally wish I could report every player that goes on a tirade against boosters in Trade chat, because the anti-booster brigade is far, far more toxic and annoying than the boosters ever were.


Further down in that thread with the OG blizzard post they clarified.

Can’t be Toxic if we don’t even get a chance to say anything thanks to the spam.

They explicitly clarified that they wanted trade chat carry ads to be posted by a member of the carry group, not a level 1. You may not agree that this is the right decision on their part. But it is exactly what they said in further blue posts on the subject.

No, blizzard specified the CHARACTER has to be the one participating to be able to advertise. It’s also one of the reasons they don’t allow cross-realm advertisement now at all.

Advertising for gameplay activities should be done by a WoW player-character who intends to participate in the gameplay activities. This means there should be no cross-realm advertising, and there should be no advertising from non-participating players.

I don’t like “should be” because that doesn’t mean “has to be”.

I vote for a rewrite :+1:

“Advertising for gameplay activities must be done by a WoW player-character who intends to participate in the gameplay activities.”

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I think they mean it in the sense of all adverts, to adhere to their rules SHOULD be by a WoW player-character who intends to participate. They can’t prevent someone from advertising, they can only tell people what the rule is.