How to open up Nazjatar

Hello. I have a lvl 120 druid and im trying to figure out how to unlock Nazjatar. Im friendly with the correct people but i still cant seem to unlock it. I dont have world quests either. Do i need to finish all the story lines too? With the XP buff i blew through to 120 only finishing 1 of the areas story line. Anything else i need to do before i can really start playing the game on the next level? Its frustrating that I cant get into more content because it is gated behind so many different things. There isn’t a lot of in game help that you can turn to so you know what you need to do. Very frustrating. Thank you for your time.

You don’t need to finish all the storylines. You do have to get far enough into the war campaign that you have bases in all three of the opposing faction’s zones.


To expand on Tureja’s comment, talk to Halford Wyrmbane aboard the alliance ship in Boralus Harbor. He’ll have the quests to unlock the footholds in the 3 enemy zones. Once you have done all 3 of those, you will get another quest from Halford that opens world quests and updates your Flight Whistle. (or gives you one if you didn’t get it from Legion content.)

From there, to start the quest to go to Naz, talk to Genn Greymane, also aboard the alliance ship, and pick up “Send the Fleet”.

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Ok, I have 1 of 3 of those opened up - i will work on them tonight. I really appreciate the help guys. THANK YOU!!

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