How to not auto login

Is there a way that when i hit “play” on battle net, it doesn’t automatically login to wow?

Don’t hit the play button.

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I’m assuming this has something to do with multiple accounts on the same account?

i have 2 accounts with my separate emails

Im confused, its not taking you to the character select screen? You want it to log you in but you dont? Some clarification please.

i have 2 accounts with two of my emails and i want to open wow without it automatically logging in to my main one

Just launch WoW through the WoW application; if you launch it through Battle net application then you’re already log in. Or you can just press the back button to get to log out and get to the login screen if you go through Bnet.

Try making a shortcut directly to Wow.exe. It appears to be in the _retail_ folder within your install directory for WoW.

Or alternatively, when you have the game open, pin it to your task bar and it’ll auto create a shortcut to the game executable.

ohh true i completely forgot about that. thank you