How to memorialize my wife in game

My wife was a hardcore world or Warcraft fan. From having the horde symbol tattooed on her, yelling Lok’ tar/For the horde, or just spending countless nights together questing together, there was no doubt that she LOVED W.O.W. She has been sick for some time now and one thing she that would help take her mind off everything going on was playing. She was an amazing and loving wife and mother but once our son was tucked into bed and she read his goodnight story to him, she became a fierce death knight and later demon hunter, for the horde. She took so many things from wow and applied them to life. As she always said, when things got heated or anything, she would pull agro and defuse any situation. She introduced me to WOW when we met, and we played together throughout our marriage.

Unfortunately she passed this last Sunday. I know that she would love to be memorialized in game for everyone to see the character she has put so much heart and soul into. It would mean the world to me to be able to see her character doing well in game so I can still play with her in a sense. She was my everything.


I would recommend working social media. Reddit, twitter, etc… and @WarcraftDevs or the CS twitter account for some exposure maybe. It’s not unheard of, there is someone from Maelstrom who became an NPC in-game after passing away. Although, I believe he had some contacts/friends at Blizzard.

Good luck to you, and I’m sorry for your loss.

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My sincerest condolences, I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost my wife, I don’t think I could go on with out her honestly. Even if she is a scrub that to date has never hit level cap in any expansion and loves every feature the rest of the community hates.

You best bet is definitely to have a large number of people petition blizzard, you need to give them a compelling argument for it.