How To Learn Spell Rotations

I’ve been struggling for a while now, understanding rotations.
Currently a Subtlety Rogue.

Originally, I was just kinda doing this:

Single Target:
Stealth > Shadowstrike, now that I’m engaged with the target.
Gloomblade (until my points are full) > then Eviscerate or Rupture
Sometimes I’d do Shadow Dance > Shadowstrike a few times until Dance runs out.

Stealth > Shadowstrike one of the targets, now that I’m engaged with multiple,
Shuriken Storm constantly (until points full), then black powder. And repeat. Sometimes Shuriken Tornado,

I realized quickly, I was not doing the damage I needed to, and was not utilizing 90% of my spells. I was doing damage, but not anywhere near enough.

Trying To Fix My Rotation

I have looked up a few videos, as well as a few guides (Wowhead, Icyveins)
The videos are a bit complicated to understand, and seem to cater towards people who have experience with the game in general. A bit fast paced, and use a lot of terms that I don’t know. Like use X spell when doing X (action, enemy casting X spell, enemy doing X, etc).
I’m not even skilled enough to fully comprehend what my own character is doing a lot of the time, never-mind what the enemies are casting and then ontop of that what I should cast to counter-act that. One thing at a time. I need to understand my own spells.

So using Wowhead as an example, if I simply go to Guides>Classes>Rogue>Subtlety> Subtlety Rogue DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.1.5 I have all the info for the class.
Now if I click on Rotation, it gives 3 representations.

Single Target, Single Target - Without The First Dance, Multi Target / AoE
These both have about 10-14 spells in rotation. How in the hell am I supposed to remember, not just 1, but 2 of these (and learn rotations on other classes in the future).

Second, I believe IcyVeins showed PvP rotations, and I am sure WoWhead shows it too somewhere. And I remember seeing Mythic+ rotations.
There’s just so many damn rotations. It’s sooo overwhelming.

So I figured, I’d just learn one to start. Single target PvE.
I just can’t remember it. I tried Hekili but it wasn’t much help because it made me hyperfocus on the Hekili bar and I couldn’t actually recognize what was going on in game. Also it constantly changed the spells it wanted me to use, it was just too much. It was just doing me more harm than good.

I cleared my action bar, and slowly placed all the icons on from the Single target rotation onto my bar. The stuff I will be using most in easy to reach spots, and others not.
And I went to a training dummy and tried my hand and just kept repeating them. Idk it just seems like it is so much to remember.

I really could use any tips and suggestions.
Someone told me to place them on my action bar in order of rotation, good idea, except for me it feels a bit confusing when it comes to keybinding them.

I like to see my action bar and see like 12345 spells on bottom bar, then Shift+12345 as the bar above it, then Ctrl+12345 as the spells above it. Because it kinda aligns with my keyboard.

So idk what to do here. A bit stressed because I want to improve. I’ve played to level 70 like just doing my original combo and while it worked, while using Hekili alone it did show me quickly that I could’ve been doing way more damage and making things easier and faster.

Really would appreciate any tips or insight. Thanks for reading my novel :slight_smile:

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I’m more of a healer but rogue seems like one of the more complicated classes.

In general I wouldn’t trust Icyveins. Are you using a damage meter? Maybe it’d help to get global-by-global reads on your dps from a damage meter addon.

Gear is also a huge factor.

But getting into specifics of what abilities you want to use, I’m not qualified because I haven’t played rogue at even a mediocre level in several years.

I could introduce you to my rogue friend who is really good and simplifies rogue quite nicely if you want to join this Discord he normally hangs out in:

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