How to get to old Dalaran

If I have characters that have not done Legion, how do they get to the old Dalaran so that they they can do Shadowlands? Obviously they don’t have a hearthstone for Dalaran.

Click Mission Board, Broken Shore.

Old Dalaran? As in Northrend? You don’t need to do anything - use the portal room.



Time walking gives you one, if you do legion. For new dalaren ofc
Old is in the portal room, to the right there is one that goes to old dalaren

Go to the portal room in Orgrimmar. It’s literally right there.


If you take the boat to Northrend, The one in Stormwind goes to Valance Keep, you can fly to Dalaran from there. It is the only fly point open in Northrend till you start to quest there.

Horde characters have a zepplin from Undercity that goes to Northrend. Org probably has one as well.

Or find a friendly Mage.

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There’s only two kind of mages: those who want to trick you into taking the wrong Dalaran Portal and those who have already made you go splat in the Dalaran Crater.