How to get the S.E.L.F.I.E camera?

I’m trying to get the seahorse mount but in order to do that I need the SELFIE camera from WoD. I never played all the way through WoD so I don’t have it, and I’ve only briefly leveled through the expansion on this toon.

I hear it’s a garrison mission, but it’s not appearing for me. Does it matter how much progress I’ve made on my garrison? Is there something I have to do to trigger it? Do I just keep checking back every day?

This is such a stupid way to acquire this thing tbh. I can see why WoD is one of the most hated expansions in WoW history. Just make it a questline.

Thanks for the help.

I got mine on a Garrison Mission in WOD

Obviously something wowhead can tell you in detail

www . wowhead .com /mission=501

For those who didn’t earn the camera in the Garrison, there’s a NPC in Stormwind/Orgrimmar that rewards it to you via quest.

In Stormwind, it’s a gnome female taking photos of a lake in the Outskirts, close to the embassy.

In Orgrimmar, I don’t remember where the NPC is. Search for a goblin (I think) with a camera and a quest.


I scrolled through wowhead and most posts are from 2015, so not helpful to what I’m asking, thanks. I’m trying to get something from an old expansion and those people who got it back in 2015 might have done something like made progress on their garrison that I haven’t to trigger the camera.

I’m asking if there’s something I might need to do like that, like have certain buildings or certain followers, to make sure I trigger the mission so I’m not just checking back daily when it will never come.


i just looked it up Valley of Spirits and speak to Vivica Starshot. that is the npc the other person was talking about


Go to the jungle part of Orgrimmar, on the main path there’s a goblin that should start a quest chain for you.


Thank you! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll search around, thanks again.


Cool, if there is nothing new in the comment section. I usually assume nothing changed.

As I can always see updated 8.x comments about old stuff if there is anything changed.

And if I find it myself, I will post an update, too.

It’s a good thing they added quests for the camera. In WoD, my guildie who wanted it the most had to wait months for her mission to show up.