How to get starting Quests in Drustvar?

Hey so I’m wondering how to get the questline for Dustvar, I have done the start of the Quests with the message board and completed that line so the message board no longer hands out quests, however I out of all 3 Areas in Kul Tiras I dont have any quests in Drustvar.

Any help would be appreciated

It the character at least level 35? Drustvar has a minimum level to start it.

Yes, this is a level 64, I’ve completed the “Come Sail Away” questline and the introduction lines all along here however Trigarde Sound and Drustvar are unable to be quested in as apparently I haven’t started their questlines, even though I would have needed to have done to get “Come Sail Away”

UPDATE - Ever so sorry! I’m an old returning player! So due to my own negligence and ineptitude I couldn’t figure this one out and tied the scouting map with the Alliance quests on the boats!

I needed to choose an area and complete the first chapter to unlock the scouting map to choose the next area! Again I do apologise!