How to get rid of condemed Demons

why do I keep from getting attacked by Condemed Demons as a Demon Hunter Necrolord . Or is that happening in any covenant?

that’s your fodder to the flames covenant ability. it got changed from a usable ability to a random proc

Well that is the worst ability ever. I guess I change Cov or quit the DH

It’s a great ability. You can insta kill the demon with a glaive throw and, when it dies, it explodes dealing a ton of damage to enemies while also dropping a demon soul for you to pickup.


well, it sucks I have been trying to get used to it for months. if you don’t kill it fast enough it kills you, it drains your health and it really sucks, I love Dhs but it’s making me not want to play it anymore. they need to get rid of it its stupid

Sorry, but if you’re dying to the demon it’s completely a you problem. Throw glaive and the demon is dead. And if you’re somehow out of charges of throw glaive, it doesn’t do nearly enough damage to warrant even a little concern unless you’ve massively overpulled, in which case the demon isn’t the issue anyway.

Note, I don’t like fodder and would be happy to see it go, but you shouldn’t be dying to it.

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resurrecting a 2 year old dead thread is epic. also, dieing to the fodder demon is hilarious, i don’t even know how that is possible. it insta dies from throw glaive and it hits for like 1% of your health.

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you can get rid of it. just don’t take the talent. do you even read the talents you are selecting or do you just copy and paste the wowhead guide and press buttons?

Necro aside fodder is literally a defensive for havoc lmao. It heals you for 50% of your health when you glaive it

It’s also an offensive, since it drops a demon soul, demon souls also grant you 20% damage buff for 15 seconds.

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it’s only an offensive. a heal that will over heal you 99% of the time is not a defensive in any way. and gameplay wise, unless you are about to go into a big damage window (essense break syncd with a demon form) then you just ignore it and let it die eventually from cleave.

It’s kind of a stupid stance to claim that something that can heal you for over half your life bar doesn’t have defensive properties. Go try some world pvp and then claim it isn’t a defensive.

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Breaks CC like poly as well. Just let it chase me around until I need it or it’s about to disappear. Picking up a demon soul after a big raid hit lets me hold pots and health stones also. It’s a defensive and offensive if you know how to use it.

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