How to contact support?

I have been looking for a way to contact support with an account issue and I cant seem to fine a phone number to contact you on, are you able to assist please?

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What sort of account issue? There’s no inbound number to call, but depending on the issue, Live Chat or having Blizz call you back are possible options.


There is no phone number to call, all contacts get set up with the support page, this should mirror the ingame support page.


Exactly. The contact options vary based on your issue, but there’s sort of a maze to navigate through to make sure the right staffer handles the right issues.

For example, if you need to unlock your account, you go here:

If you wanted to change the name on the account, you’d navigate to here:

If you wanted to remove the Parental Controls on the account, you’d navigate to here:

There are many options to narrow down the issue. Some allow for Web Tickets, some have Live Chat and some have Call Back. The navigation can seem a little daunting at first, but the system makes the Support Staff more efficient. If there seems no clear option, there’s also a “Not Listed Here” option available. I hope it all gets resolved for you.

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Are you using Paypal?

Have you checked your transaction in account management to see if it’s pending?


When you use a credit card it is a multi step process. Vendor contacts the credit card company for authorization, vendor tentatively approves the purchase, bank later gives the money to the vendor. They have up to 72 hours to do so.

While the transfer is ongoing, the bank will “hold” your funds. You will see that as a charge to your card, or a “pending” charge. If the transfer fails for any reason, the funds go back to your card. The vendor does not have them.

If your Blizzard purchase failed, then those funds get returned to you by the bank holding them.

If you wish to know more about why it failed, you can talk to Billing.

Support > Contact Support > WoW > Purchase or Payment > Purchase Failed. Select a contact method. If phone callback or live chat are not available, then they are currently busy assisting other customers. They will re-open when the queue goes down.


Live Chat should be open in just under 30 minutes. What you need to understand is that the funds are only being held by your bank as a pending transaction. Understanding how it works, helps so that you know a little better about what’s going on.

We’ve seen a few posts on something similar. Your best option is to use Live Chat when it open up.


That payment failed, Bigbooms. It may be gone from your balance, but it hasn’t traveled to us, it is a pending charge at your bank. This would be the latest transaction from 9/30.

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Im having a unique Dethroning issue that the contact support has no listing for. So phone call would make sense with how big Blizzard is.

im basically trying to regain control of my guild I founded back in 2005 but had to leave sometime in 2012, now that im back the guild has been inactive since 2016. Guild leader and all other guildies. rather restart from scratch is there a way i can become the new guild leader through a GM’s help?

Game Masters are hands off when it comes to guild leadership. You are better off starting a new guild.

As Jugend mentioned, Game Masters are almost entirely hands off when it comes to guild management. They are generally unable to assist with a dethrone.

That said, there are specific conditions in which they may review the matter. You left in 2012, were you dethroned? If you were dethroned, did you remain in the guild? If yes to both of those questions, there is a chance a Game Master can help, though it is not at all guaranteed. You can submit a ticket using the following category here.

If you were not dethroned and/or are no longer a member of the guild or the records of ownership are too old to verify any of what happened, we will be unable to assist. 2012-16 is a very long time ago when it comes to data, so while it doesn’t hurt to ask, I would temper your expectations.

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