How to break into the Orgrimmar RP scene?

(Ellivara) #21

I could probably try to show you how to do it, if you want. At least if you use Windows 10 - I’ve done it once already with a friend who swore up and down that manually installing addons was too complicated for him when he couldn’t find an addon he wanted with the curse downloader. I’ve never used it myself, so it’s literally second nature for me now.

At the end of the day, all it is is downloading the file, opening it and taking what’s inside - in TRP’s cases the files named “TotalRP3” and 'TotalRP3_Data" and moving them into your WoW folder. Find your World of Warcraft installation folder, then go into interface - there should be a single folder in there named AddOns. Just take those two folders, put them in, then log into the game - when you get to the character selection screen, there should be an option at the bottom left to toggle or untoggle addons.

As to uninstalling them, it’s literally just going into that same folder and deleting what you put in. Boom, done. WoW handles the rest.

Oh, also. Unless you’re willing to take serious risks, don’t download anything that isn’t from this domain - . ModDB is used a lot too, but I’ve never used it myself, so I cannot personally verify how safe it is.

(Versca) #22

You download it and drop it in your interface folder.

(Conjurus) #23

If you install Curse from the url Ellivara provided, it’ll install, update and generally manage your add-ons for you.

But yeah, those instructions look good. Of course, I haven’t installed manually in a good while so my opinion doesn’t count for a whole heap.

(Ellivara) #24

I generally advise not using the installers because I’ve heard of it having virus-related issues on at least two occasions - so I just prefer to handle it all myself. Between chrome, my adblocker and my two antivirus programs, I’ve yet to have much break through.

But being totally honest, using the downloader probably wouldn’t be the end of the world, really. I just prefer doing it all myself because that’s how I do it literally everywhere.

(Versca) #25

I don’t think you need the installer if you’re running light on add-ons but that’s my own preference. I’ve always just done it manually but I have less than 10 add-ons at any given moment.

(Shutakeshi) #26

I also look for rp addons myself. I assume that if someone doesn’t have an addon they may be here strictly for PVE (there are a lot of people on WRA who don’t rp at all, and approaching them for rp can be awkward). Some people also sort of like coming to the rp area as tourists or trolls.

I’d say keep trying to break through after getting the addon as well. Some people get very disappointed when their emotes get ignored. But keep walking up and you’ll get something eventually. Sometimes I have to try 3-4 times to get rp walking up.

Also check to see if someone has walkups in their profile or their looking light. It’s been obnoxious for people who try to walk up and start rp with me when I’ve:

  • Just barely logged in and I’m still loading
  • In the bank
  • In the auction house
  • Running and jumping in circles because I’m sleepy and my brain is dead.

It can get overwhelming when I haven’t had a chance to get myself IC yet.

(Ellivara) #27

The only situation where I’d recommend an installer is where there’s a -ton- of files that need to be handled, the files have options, and the files options have options. WoW doesn’t have anything that complicated, I don’t think. The only times I’ve ever had to let an installer do the work for me was when I was trying to install some ridiculous overhaul mod for Morrowind and Better Cities for Oblivion. The first one eventually worked out fine and it handled itself, mostly because it had its own installer thing, (and it wasn’t optional) and the second… -well-. I lost interest in it shortly after learning I needed to deal with NMM to install it. xD.

The mod was great, but I’m not going to the extra effort of installing some buggy downloader that hates my preferred browser of choice and regularly makes modding -harder- just by virtue of it existing for it.

(Conjurus) #28

No, the installer’s not strictly necessary, especially for just one add-on, I just thought it worth noting.

I hadn’t heard about viruses, though, or if I had it was so long ago I just forgot. You’d think the Curse program would be pretty solid, considering how common they are, and especially now that they’re integrated with Twitch.

In that case, OP, feel free to ignore me.

(Cadlington) #29


With a hammer, though most Orcs prefer an axe.


Last time I tried to RP in Orgrimmar I tried to start a bar fight and ended up thinking I’d managed to find someone to fight me only to realize a moment later they had the wrong idea omg and I peace’d right out.


@ Ellivara, others -

Thanks for the advice. I was finally able to install TRP3 without being besieged by errors and out-of-date messages. Know where to put it really helped.

Of course, wading through everything to create even a basic profile took time. Mine is a bit lightweight, but at least I look like I’m trying (hopefully). I have managed to talk to a couple people now. It seems that like unlike any other game I’ve RPed in, WoW RPers expect you to have the add-on. If you don’t, you aren’t a “real” role-player.

(Ellivara) #32

It’s less that you aren’t a real roleplayer, more that it just makes it easier to discern what exactly you’re dealing with before you walk up or interact with someone, I think.

(Eledriss) #33

This. There are many players on WrA who do not RP, so if you’re not using a profile addon, then it’s difficult for others to tell the difference between you and any other PvE player who’s just coming through to hit up the auction house.

And even if you walk around and post emotes, they’ll have a hard time figuring out what sort of character you’re playing or what your RP style might be, and consequently, how good of a match they’ll find if they walk up to you.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a “lightweight” profile, though. The number of fields you can fill out might make it look like there’s a ton being expected of you, but if you’ve got a name in there, I’d say the rest can be though of as optional and available to be filled out as you go.

(Ellivara) #34

Exactly. And as far as the profile goes, yeah, I rarely enter more than just… the personality sliders, eye-colour, height, weight, race, title, et cetera. Plenty of others don’t do more than that either, so don’t worry too much.


When it comes to an RP add-on, I don’t really think you can do it wrong. At the very least, you should put in your name, race, and class if you want to specify which gameplay-wise spec your character Rps as or if you Rp something a little more outside of the box in the way of class.

I feel nervous about adding this but, you shouldn’t worry too much about the character history field in your Rp profile since I don’t think most people are going to read a huge essay or even a huge wall of text if you put your character’s entire personal history there. I’d say you should just include some important tidbits about your character’s past that you would feel confident in revealing to others while relegating the rest to just RPing it out organically.

This is just my suggestion and is of course subjective so take it as you will. It’s not meant to impose upon your preferred writing or RP style.

(Eledriss) #36

I know it’s a matter of personal preference, but for my part I would agree with this. I find history sections most useful when they give “You may have heard of this character if --” sorts of hooks, or as quick samples of the type of character I’m about to engage, and I tend to skip over them if they’re more than a couple paragraphs long (especially if there’s RP action happening that I want to pay attention to).

(Grumaar) #37

Personally, if you don’t have a TRP3 or some other addon and you’re a low level, it’s hard to know if you’re a roleplayer…

So my advice. Get an addon. Level 1, 2, 3, 120, it doesn’t matter. Get the addon that shows you’re a roleplayer and the attention you get will spike. Fill out that addon with details? The attention will spike even more.

I haven’t RPed in Org in a while due to my character being on a fairly long journey right now, but that’s the suggestion I’d give. Forget about the level, focus on the mod that shows you’re one of us!


Actually, having TRP3 and marking myself as available for walk-ups did NOT encourage any additional people to say hello or otherwise speak to me. I still had to initiate 99% of all conversations.

(Shutakeshi) #39

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with having to initiate most of your conversations and walk ups, is there? I do this 99% of the time as well, but I have an extroverted personality so it’s what I’m used to doing.

(Ellivara) #40

Unfortunately, if you’re wanting people to initiate conversation with you, you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting and watching other people RP. If you want RP, you have to go and make yourself some RP. I’m heavily introverted so I can understand the frustrations, but it’s just… reality.