How to break into the Orgrimmar RP scene?

(Zandrae) #41

I like to play the question game. My characers ask people questions about themselves. People seem to like having their characers share info.

Some of my characers are young naive little things who will do things like ask Lightforged Draenei or Dwarves all about their epic beards.

(Ellivara) #42

Oh! Something I’ve seen people do is use pets to draw attention - if you’re not being obnoxious with it, it’s not a bad way to go about things. Whisper people before-hand to see if they’re open to it, et cetera.

My old Pandaren - way back when - had a Bandicoon named Crash. His name wasn’t just a reference - oh, no. Little Crash would crash into anything and everything. People, chairs, counters… I got more than one RP started off the back of the poor little guy and my Pandaren’s exhausted efforts to keep the little the little doof safe.

(Ariiah) #43


…where is Crash now? I would like to meet this creature Icly so my characters can cuddle it relentlessly.

(Ellivara) #44

You met Crash before, I’m pretty sure :stuck_out_tongue: Sometime around the time I first met Veroneka on my Pandaren, Visuf. Crash was his.

Of course I may be misremembering. That was an absurdly long time ago.

(Ariiah) #45

I DO REMEMBER THAT! Oh hell, yeah I think Veroneka was still a quasi-Death Knight. I don’t remember all the specifics but I do remember enough to know that Veroneka definitely met Visuf at least once.

…you should bring him back. Tries to bribe with :t_rex:

(Ellivara) #46

Yeah, she was injured and Visuf tried to heal her. That was the first time we RPed.

“Oh god who is this wierdo RPing a vampire death knight thing… ugh well i’m not doing anything else MAY AS WELL RP WITH THEM.”

Just goes to show, don’t judge a book by its cover :stuck_out_tongue: Despite being a wierdo RPing a vampire death knight thing, they’re also one of the best writers I know and pretty much the only person I RP with anymore

(Ariiah) #47

The vote of confidence is always appreciated, thank you <3


Send an in-game mail to Vendorioc so we can get hooked up. I’ll switch over to my Orc and RP with you. And no, to answer your question, there are folks who will RP with people regardless of level. <3