How To Avoid AOE Damage?

New to wow and I’ve been wondering: How do you actually avoid AOE/ground damage? Because I seem to run away and by that time I’m already dead (OCE), where might I be going wrong? I know basics such as avoiding cleaves/frontal damage etc, but AOE damage feels different. Especially as its hard to recognize and judge the effects when they’re all under your character. Any advice appreciated :dracthyr_heart:.

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Basically, you can’t. At least, as melee. Ranged classes may outrange it.

AoE is unavoidable damage, built into the encounter to require mitigation or healing.

That is the general case.

There may be some specific encounters where you can stop the AoE attack with an interrupt, or, outside instances, a stun or a blind. There may be some specific encounters where you are intended to run out. In case of a frontal cone, like a slice of pie that extends in front of the mob, you can run through the mob to get behind. And so on. There are many presentations of AoE.

As a Rogue, you have Feint, especially with the Elusiveness talent, to mitigate some of the damage, and your Crimson Vial to top you up after it.

Thereare a lot of varieties of AoE attack. Which specific one is giving you trouble?