How should Blizzard rework pets for The War Within?

Hunter’s didn’t get a major rework in DF like many other classes. Maybe bliz likes them how they are. But our pets have fallen behind. Pet mechanics are antiquated. Our choices are limited by the content we choose, we can’t just bring our favorite into battle. There are still plain and simple bugs that haven’t been fixed for… well ever…

Rework Hunter Pets in TWW.

Bliz, your dev team is smart… they usually have good ideas… let them work on our pets please. Here are some ideas from myself and other players that I’ve gathered.

  • Pet armor! I was so jealous here. i.imgur com/eToWFu9.png
  • Let us choose which pets to use, it should be a cosmetic choice (train a pet for an ability like mortal strike or slow? pet specs?)
  • Pets should not be way slower than the player during combat esp when the player gets a speed boost… for some reason the pet doesnt
  • Let us see when pets are immobilized like we do with the player (stun, fear, root, etc)
  • Fix the bug preventing [@cursor] macro from working with Move Pet
  • Either give us a petless spec back or make the design goal of MM clear
  • Bring back Blink Strike
  • Fix pathing/mob pulling issues. “I don’t feel like a more skilled hunter because I dismissed my pet before jumping off a small ledge”
  • Single pet BM viable. i.imgur com/bSUHONP.jpg Rexxar, the quintessential pvp BM hunter, didn’t need zoo or a mortal strike pet… just his best bud and a bow.

I’d like to at least pick if my pet is tenacity/cunning/ferocity.


literally all most people need is to take any pet and choose if it’s tenacity/ferocity/cunning. anything on top of that would just be icing on the cake. my ideal world is that I can pick a pet and choose if it’s t/f/c and then I can choose it’s “bonus” ability, so I could give a wolfhawk lust and mortal wounds, e.g.


I prefer the old way of choosing your favourite pet and being able to choose ferocity/tenacity/cunning.

I wonder how well it would go over if they introduced talent trees for pets. Not the huge double ones we have, but something small to offer a bit more depth to the uses we could have for our pets, whether it’s more damage or tankiness or overall utility.


Yeah really, just being able to choose a pet’s spec again would mean a world of difference.

If it’s too difficult for the pvp’ers, just figure out a way to flag a pet’s current spec.

If folks can be expected to remember the zillion other things another class and it’s 3 specs can do, this minor thing can be done. Surely an addon can be made that would address the listing of of what a pet was set to, if it’s really that big a deal.

I hate that we have so many pets that are practically useless because they insta-die in pve content.

I think its because the guy who use to do lots of the hunter dev work left (Chris Kaleiki) and some new person picked it up then also left blizzard. Well from memory it was Chris who worked on class design and still did a bit before he left Maybe im wrong. But its the only way to explain why hunter hasnt been touched when its so dated\messy

← Allow us to Re-Spec pets between Ferocity/Tenacity/Cunning. All families in Cunning are basically useless to PvE players.

← Make Lust baseline. Change Ferocity to a 2-3 min DPS CD making it a choice between damage vs defensive utility instead of defensive utility or Lust.

← Update old pet family models: Dragonhawk & Gorilla

← Fix Pet pathing. Let them port to the target if they are not moving for longer than .5 sec for instance.


This is what immediately came to mind. I miss when we could choose our pets affinity (ferocity, tenacity, cunning) because I prefer to use my mechanical pets but it doesn’t make sense in m+. I’m not even sure why they changed that, I guess for RP reasons?

I agree they Badly need to adress hunter pets in TWW.

The most realistic take would probably be to make (again…) pets cosmetic and let us choose what specialization (tenacity, ferocity or cunning) we’d like. And then add a small talent tree to each of the three pet specs, so we can customize it slightly.

Then update the god awful pet stable. It’s been untouched since Vanilla and they still occasionally expand the storage space and expect us to be happy about it. It needs a total rework!

We could need a whole lot of rework to the pet family abilities as well. Either remove them and bake it into the pet talent trees or update them so 97% of them aren’t useless. Could, if you actually wanted to, make them into something you get to train your pets/choose as well.

Also would be nice to see some updates to old pet models. This is something that’s been going on slowly but always worth the effort. Especially if they actually enable us to pick the pets we want, not the 4 that the system is making us pick.

As someone else here mentioned. Would be swell if we could just get Bloodlust/heroism baseline as a class. It’s not like we are flush with utility… Make it baseline and give something actually ferocious to ferocity pets. Oh and perhaps make Tenacity actually tankier than ferocity?

Wish list for sure, but to be honest we are going into our 20th year of WoW. It’s loong overdue, especially considering we Had pet talents/could choose pet specialization but…some nutcase decided to remove it… Jikes, imagine actually moving development back in time instead of forward.


pretty much this, allow total customization. i’d go farther and remove the passives and just make them stances. likewise make lust/master’s call/fortitude of the bear talents or baselined. that would give the hunter class tree a lot more meat to work with


Blizzard would take the simplest approach to pets and have three specs with predestined abilities.

It be same as now that only change would be you could have your pet fit into whatever roll you want.

Easiest method, as many have already mentioned:

Let us pick our pet’s spec, and replace the Ferocity active utility skill (and move the effect of Primal Rage to some new skill usable by the Hunter itself).

What I’d slightly prefer:

A simple 4x4 talent grid:

  1. Passives - Choose between 10% Leech, 10% Speed, 8% DR (revised from Stamina), or 10% more healing received and 15% less time afflicted by magic, poisons, and bleeds.
  2. Short Utility CDs - Choose between any of 4 short utility CDs, based on pet species. A wolf, for instance, would have the options of [A] Howl (short AoE cast speed and movement speed reduction - 45s CD), [B] Rending Fangs (reduces victim’s healing taken), [C] Tendon Tear (longer snare), and [D] Drag (pulls the target enemy towards a then-targeted location - 45s CD).
  3. Longer Utility CDs - Choose between [A] a removal of binds and snares and a 40% movement speed bonus for a few seconds, [B] an Intervene-like skill, or [C] an 8s AoE Leech bonus that starts at 15% before fading after 2 seconds to as low as 5% before falling off completely, or (D) AoE short movement speed bonus (90s CD). So… they’re all buffed, and 1 additional option.
  4. Defensives - Say… Cheat Death, a Guard-esque DR, an Unbreakable Armor-esque DR (flat reduction vs. physical damage + %reduction generally), or a stagger-DR and HoT that can also steal a magical debuff from the target ally.
    • I’m fine with leaving Slowfall, Waterwalking, and the ability to heal others, etc., purely among rare beasts as a BM perk.
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Im pretty sure hunter was reworked last like nearly decade ago in legion and hasnt been touched since. I wouldnt honestly expect anything from blizz.

Sure dragonflight had new talents but to me i dont see much of a rework\effort put into them to consider that a rework.

Time will tell but i do not have any expectations and neither should anybody to avoid disappointment.

Almost correct. Mm and SV got reworked again for BFA

MM got pruned in BFA i wouldnt call that a rework

legion mm and bfa mm were completely different from each other how if thats not a rework wtf is lol


Just let us change the pet’s type (tenacity, dps, etc).
and give them decent AE agro tool like they used to have with thundering stomp way back when.

I would also like to see the family abilities customizable/trained/equipped/something. For those of us who pvp, we still have to take a pet with mortal strike effect. I want the freedom to take any pet.

Honestly I’d prefer to see mortal strike effects removed (at least in PvP) outside of cooldowns for certain classes, but that’s another topic.

Let me pick my pet’s spec again please!

And pets special skill while we’re at it!