How relevant are reps in Classic?

Assuming one has an interest in crafting professions, how relevant are reputations in Classic? I remember that the best practice in Vanilla was to approach certain grinds in a certain order and at certain levels (example - don’t do any Argent Dawn quests until you stop getting rep from killing mobs). What I’m wondering though is if any of this is actually relevant in Classic. Basically, do people care enough about the items from these reputations to make any of this worthwhile to do in the first place.

Well there isn’t a single master hammersmith exalted with thorium brotherhood on my server. And my mace rogue really wants 2 x Ebon Hand since I don’t raid. So I’m doing it myself. 10 k more rep to go :open_mouth:

To answer your question, I don’t think raiders care too much about the rep rewards for professions.

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I mean usually you only need like 1 or 2 people per guild to get rep with some of the grinding reps for professions…

If you want ZG enchants for your helm/leg/shoulder you will need Zandalar rep.

And anyone who wants to raid Naxx will need to hit honored with Argent Dawn if they wanna enter, if not revered/exalted for the cheaper attunement.

But most of the reps are safe to ignore for most players and you lose nothing.

It’s up to the player and I like that I grind rep for fun.

There are some EXCELLENT rep based recipes out there that come in very handy. For example, Thorium Brotherhood provides a ton of fire resistance recipes useful for Molton Core and BWL. And a good deal of endgame enchanting recipes are rep based too.

Now whether one has the patience to farm rep, that’s a different story. But an active guild only really needs one or two regulars with high rep per profession to cover their bases.

Note: some reps are way easier to farm than others. You can get to Revered with Zandalar in absolutely no time by just doing a few ZG runs. On the other hand, Timbermaw rep will have you questioning your life choices in no time.