How powerful is this Jailer

I really haven’t done much research on the upcoming lore for the next expansion as I’ve been waiting to experience it in game myself. But is the Jailer REALLY that op? I mean I don’t want to sound cocky here but I’m not scared. I’ve defeated the best of the best over the years. Deathwing was nothing. Ragnaros?-ragnatoast. In fact Ill have you know I defeated the Lich King himself six times last night alone. And Yogg Saron twice. brushes shoulder This jailer really needs the business next huh?

He’s pretty strong man, until I solo him in a few expacs for his inevitable mount drop


He’s only getting stronger from the anima hes stealing

I think in an interview they called him “TItan++” in power.

So, that’s about all we know so far.


Likely to be exactly as strong as the narrative needs him to be.

For more examples, see: Jaina, Sylvanas, Nathanos, Tyrande and Malfurion.

Honestly, the only two characters that come to mind that are powerful in a consistent manner, Velen and Khadgar.


You’ll need the help of the covenant leaders to defeat him if the message from the Primus is anything to go off of.

So pretty powerful. You kind of have to immerse yourself a little or else it all just feels like a rinse and repeat of defeating foe after foe.

Don’t know yet. Powerful enough for Sylvanas to place her bets on. For now anyway, I don’t suspect her partnership with him will last long.

Either she’ll betray him and steal his power, or he’ll betray her before she gets the chance. That’s just who Sylvanas is.

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Oh hes powerful alright, like super duper powerful

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He’s between Titan++ and Titan++++++

Since Blizzard doesn’t seem to know what a frickin’ power scale actually means.

25 < = Kobold.
50 < = Gnoll
100 < = Bear
1,000,000,000,000,000 > Titan
100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 > Player with borrowed power in lore as according to Blizzard.

Clearly not very powerful seeing as he will be defeated and sealed by fat pandas wearing yeti outfits in the near future.

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He’s stronger than the Titans.

Really? I didn’t know this. If this is true, omg they are really changing fundamentals. Oh no… oh no.
I was worried about this and it is happening! Geez so they actually introduced something stronger than Titan.
Came here after a long time and got nothing I like.
Bring my king back to me. :pensive:

He’s pretty strong:
Bench - 440 (really impressive considering the hole in his chest)
Deadlifts - 661
Squats - 562

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That’s impressive. But what’s his mile time?

No cardio.

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Blizzards tendency to write dialogue in a ham fisted, force fed, saturday morning cartoon vibe makes trying to immerse ones self particularly difficult. Unless of course you have not exited your teens yet.

Yeah I get that, which is why expecting something different than ‘‘I defeated titans, powerful beings yada yada yada, makes jailer seem ezpz’’ is just misplaced and if you can’t BS yourself a little then not my problem.

Jesus christ. Hes on a Jason Bourne level

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1st expansion you raid, it’s epic.
2nd expansion you raid, it’s not quite as good as the first.
3rd+ expansions you raid, but don’t care anymore. You’re just there to hang out with friends at this point.

All I know is somewhere between powerless and omnipotent.