How often do Bolvar quests update?

Are they daily, weekly? I’ve been trying to complete quests to get the twisting corridors unlocked, but I haven’t seen a new quest available for a while.

Weekly. I’m stuck after saving Jaina.

Unfortunately atm there is no catch up if you miss one.So if you miss one week your just stuck a week behind.

Tuesday you can do them all one after another, no more waiting if you’re behind

I think it’ll depend on how far behind you are. Their notes said they removed some of the weekly delays but not all of them.

Because there’s nothing better than stacking up pointless Torghast runs one after the other.

I still have to do Thrall.

This is my eager face.

I actually enjoy Torghast and was looking forward to working on that a bit during the weekend, but I guess not.