How much healing is enough in mythic+? 30M? 50M?

It seems to never fail that if everyone’s doing their job and I only have to heal 30M for the dungeon people think I did nothing, but if everyone’s dying left and right and I heal 80M in the dungeon people think I did nothing.

I find about 30M standard for a dungeon where people are basically doing mechanics and using interrupts and dps is good. If I heal over 50M it’s generally because some people don’t know the mechanics.

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What key level are we talking here?

This holds for about 11-18, I think.

The actual end healing number in a dungeon means absolutely nothing. Did you time the key? Were people dieing left and right, or was it a smooth run? I personally dont even look at the hps meters any more after a key, I look at the encounter overall after to see where most of my healing is coming from and thats about it. If anybody ever comes at you and says “You only healed 30M this key, last time i ran my key the healer did 40M so you didnt do anything” (obviously an exaggeration, but you catch my drift) just say sorry and leave, if somebody is judging your performance off details hps they most likely do not understand what they are talking about and not worth the time.


the higher your hps, the worse your team did overall at avoiding mechanics. HPS changes so drastically based of off dungeon and affixes its not even a metric you should pay attention to unless your not making the healing checks on some of the bosses and need to evaluate what you’re doing wrong.


The only 2 meters in my healers are dps and avoidable damage. I couldn’t care less about hps. If random 2 dies, I check avoidable. Nothing more.


Total number is usually irrelevant, since it will vary based on comp, dungeon, key level, and affixes.

You typically want to look at per pull (per boss is a better metric) to see if people are rotting. A lot of wipes will be caused by missed interrupts, or bad gameplay, rather than hard numbers. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, as I’ve had my share of groups where a healer was simply not skilled enough to push the numbers for their gear level, but it’s usually not the most likely problem.

This is exactly my point. The amount I heal has more to do with how well people are avoiding damage than how good I am as a healer.

Just tried a 17 uldaman. Healed 102M over 3 bosses, rogue left after dying 20x to frontal bleeds. Everyone, get you quazii’s plater profile please lol.

If people are dying they generally blame me for not saving them, but really any key over about a 12 has one shot mechanics or stacked bleeds I can’t save you from (I’ll try anyway though).

I find frontal abilities the ones most likely to get people who know most of the mechanics.

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The number of otherwise mostly smooth runs I’ve had in Uldaman and HoI where multiple people were getting cleaved/frontal bleeds…

(I will admit it happens to me when I’m playing melee too, but it’s usually because a) I wandered in front to go interrupt/stop a different mob and neglected the frontal, or b) because my mark got removed from the tank and it’s visual chaos.)

Also as an aside, the frog boss is that one that weirdly sooooo many people don’t seem to actually know. It’s amazing the number of a) tanks that don’t get eaten and b) people that kite their frogs away in no-man’s land instead of letting the boss gulp them

And if you are looking at raw total healing, it’s not just damage avoidance it’s how long the group takes to kill stuff.


Depends on the dungeon, group comp, skill of the other 4 players, etc.

There’s no specific number, if you time the key it means you did good. If you didn’t time the key it doesn’t necessarily mean you did poorly, it might just mean your group was ignoring mechanics.

Really good groups will mean you’re doing less healing because people are taking less damage so your overall healing doesn’t tell the full story. I hardly even look at my overall healing or current healing, I actually look at the dps meters instead, if I can keep everyone alive while pumping out as much dmg as possible I am happy.

As long as people stay alive your healing numbers do not matter.

You’re right, high DPS makes a healer’s job SO much easier.

I’ve had a morning lol. Trying to push to 2500 on my mistweaver but haven’t been able to time anything with Spiteful.

The amount that doesn’t have people dying to things they shouldn’t be dying to. The same it has always been. That being said, if they’re just standing in random 1 shot abilities in high keys that’s not really your problem, as much as dps will try to make it your problem. If people are using their cc and abilities properly, there is a surprisingly small amount of healing to do across the group. Usually I’m way ahead of the healer on overall healing just from topping myself off over and over.

But most people think they shouldn’t be dying to anything, and when they die they wonder why they didn’t get healed.

And this gets to the root of why healers are unhappy in mythic right now- a real mismatch in expectations vs reality with regards to what we can heal through. There are missed interrupts or poorly aimed frontals we cannot heal through.

I’m curious how often this happens, because I’ve probably done between 150-200 keys between my alts and have seen the healer blamed maybe 3-4 times, and normally deserved like not dispelling the tank on the first boss it BH despite it being brought up several times on how the mechanic works.

Were they all pugs?

I’d say in season 2, between my 5 (hah) healing classes I’ve had someone go full toxic on me for things that were not my fault at all at least 10-11 times. Some of those were in whisper so you would not have seen them.

When I do screw up I apologize and take the L.

Yeah, about 98% of my runs are pugs.

Even when I don’t think it’s my fault, I’ll usually just say my b and move on. If a player is being toxic towards me after i apologize i just put them on ignore and don’t play with them anymore. They aren’t worth my time, and I will never play with them again. Easy as that.


Healing is simultaneously the easiest and hardest roll entirely dependent on the competency of your group. Total hps and even healing done don’t matter as much as at the right time people are at 100% health and not getting killed by unavoidable damage. I also tend to work with the three second rule, if a player was at 80-100% health 3 seconds ago and died three seconds later its not my fault other things being equal.